Mini Portable USB Driver OTG style flash drive 16GB rotation storage device

Mini Portable USB Driver OTG style flash drive 16GB rotation storage device
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OTG is the On-The-Go abbreviation, is the technology developed in recent years. Mainly used in different devices or coupling between a variety of mobile devices, data exchange. OTG U disk is support Usb flash disk OTG technology, can be connected directly to the phone. Now OTG Usb drive (as shown below) is basically a standard USB interface (connecting computers and other equipment) and a Micro USB interface (link mobile phones).
mini metal swivel OTG usb disk portable storage device
This mini rotary phone Usb drive, OTG style portable memory, there are two usb jacks, a mini usb interface, a computer interface to normal, and now smartphones have read u disk function, otg function is called, external function. otg is a miniusb USB jack can be plugged directly into the phone above, you can also use a conventional usb interface into your computer. OTG is a feature, On-The-Go, provided they have OTG-enabled mobile terminal can be used OTG Usb flash memory storage file that can be U-Mobile in mobile phones, notebook.
metalic rotation usb OTG mobile pendrive 16GB
USB OTG core is OTG technology. OTG technology is to achieve in the absence of Host, the data transmitted from the devices. Data can also be on a digital camera, and USB interfaces OTG sent to the mobile device; for example, a digital camera directly to the printer, through OTG technology, USB port connection between the two devices, will immediately print out a photo shoot If you like outdoor tourism there is no need to carry a card reader or a portable notebook can achieve the transfer of data. By OTG technology, you can extend the USB interface to the smart accessory terminal to feature-rich intelligent terminals.
OTG mobile phone usb flash memory disk 8GB

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