Personal wood leaf Usb flash disk creative brown wooden leaves memory drive 8GB

Personal wood leaf Usb flash disk creative brown wooden leaves memory drive 8GB
  • Item: WoodUSB-00052
  • Dimensions:7x3.5x0.9cm
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  • Categories: Wood USB Memory Stick

new wood leaf usb disk 8GB leaves original gifts pen drive
High quality 100% eco original gift wood leaf usb flash drive with 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB storage capacity, wooden leaves shape new USB Flash Drive in 2.0 version flash chips, Wood brown leaves shaped Usb flash disk, engraving any text and website, mini leaf shape, wood custom LOGO. CaraUSB uses a new concept of leaf shape, compact brisk, data storage, fast delivery, can accept other unique styling design and wood mold, engraved your logo, the best leaf gift, wood leaves unique shell, stylish light; Silk screen brand name, according to the specific requirements of customers to create personalized leaf wood Usb memory disk, curing the specified advertising video content for your business to add more publicity effect, we have a wealth of wood gift Usb flash drives production experience, a variety of appearance And leaf leaves Usb pen drive, with original flash chip and various storage capacity, maple leaves Usb drive or bamboo leaves memory disk, have a creative, natural and lovely leaves gifts, to provide a dedicated letterpress logo logo service, the original original wood leaves Usb thumb drive, The hard disk follows the trend, which is the new wood leaves the wafers gift.
Natrual Wooden Leaf USB Flash Drives Magnetic 8GB leaves memory sticks
Wood Usb disk is a very common product, but the new unique wooden leaf flash disk is not a common style, if you are tired, please take care of both practical and environmentally friendly can also be decorated when the creative leaves wood Usb memory disk. Wooden gifts, in addition to wooden furniture, wooden toys, wooden handicrafts, as well as wooden U disk, because the wooden products usually give a feeling of close to nature, the wood can be made into a variety of shapes, and very durable. So the wooden leaves of the Usb drive is let people put it down. Wooden Usb flash style variety, whether it is simple and simple shape of the bar, cute round oval shape, or small creative card shape, stopper shape, clip shape, can be found on the Carausb website. If you have a better gift idea or want a wooden Usb flash with your own style, please contact CaraUSB customized service. No matter what shape, what color, what logo, what capacity, what number, Usb pen drive manufacturers CaraUSB can perfectly meet your requirements, custom wood leaves Usb memory sticks has a benefit: you can in the leaves of wood shell above your own logo and pattern.

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