Natural Plant Fiber Biodegradable Eco Card Usb Disk Print Lagos Global Affairs And Investments

Natural Plant Fiber Biodegradable Eco Card Usb Disk Print Lagos Global Affairs And Investments
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Plant degrading Usb flash disk 8GB card customization Africa Nigeria lagos
Biodegradable plant material, is a new type of environmentally friendly materials, now available the newest Usb flashdrives, ordinary business card shape Usb sticks card, it is mini digital storage devices, personal business card flash memory for business people, it can be used as gifts cards, send to customers and friends, you increase customer goodwill.
Environmentally friendly natural materials Usb disk card lagos African Global Affairs
Plant degrading the card U disk is rotating, the chip capacity from 1Gb to 32Gb, either private use or corporation gifts, free to customize, large printing area, screen printing, color printing, display very nice advertising messages, company information. Office Of Overseas Affairs and Investment,Lagos Global,Building a Global Investment Hub,Date: 31st, March, 2016,, Itesiwaju Ipinte Eko lojewa l ogun.
8GB natural environment Usb sticks card print advertising customer information USB 2.0
Biodegradable material is very easy to dissolve, when you discard the card Usb drive, about 20 days, it will automatically dissolve, will not pollute the environment, but can be used as fertilizer, is the real eco gift card plant fiber formula flash memory sticks, make your life more environmentally friendly.
Plant fiber card Usb drives printing company logo customized gifts
Lagos is Nigeria's largest city and the harbor zone, located in the southwest border, south of the Sahara is Africa's second largest city.  Plant eco business card style flash disk can be customized international business cards, let global investors fall in love with this port city lagos. Lagos city coordinates, banners and business telephone number, and all other government departments. Plant fiber name card usb flash drive is suitable for a giveaway, bring more investment and attention.

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