Oak kegs Wooden bucket usb thumb drive promotional gifts 8GB barrel

Oak kegs Wooden bucket usb thumb drive promotional gifts 8GB barrel
  • Item: WoodUSB-0008
  • Dimensions:6.2x2.3x2.3cm
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  • Categories: Wood USB Memory Stick

Wine company promotional advertising gift is bucket  shape  Usb flash disk,  maple wood barrel kegs USB memory sticks. Wooden cylindrical drums generic version of LOGO gift USB flash drives customized 2GB. Creative wooden barrels outer shell USB at wholesale price, can be printed beer wine LOGO, The new environmentally friendly wood USB Memory stick wooden cask U disk can be customized Company LOGO. Vivid wooden kegs USB Flash disk manufacturer for your custom wholesale advertising gift USB Pen disk,  promote business, promotional gifts Usb disk trade gifting.
bucket promotional usb thumb drive gifts
1. elegance: a unique beer bucket design, high quality materials made of fine wood usb flash drive, can show your elegance and high
Quality of temperament. 2. texture: Compared with other shells, bamboo shell more texture. Personalized black and white, highlight
Your charm!
keg shape usb flash disk promotional gifts

3. Bamboo USB Flash disk shell, simple and beautiful, fine carving, exquisite craftsmanship, perfect fit beautiful radian
It gives you different like. Closer to nature, back to nature.
The plain Jane Calm bamboo USB Memory Stick brings a natural relaxed attitude to life, and strive to be your
Fancy Free.
bucket beer wine promotional gift usb flash drives
  5. processed into high quality environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic side effects, fine texture.
  6. work fine, sophisticated materials, color wood colors.
wood bucket creative usb flash disk for wine promotion
1) wooden products easy to use U-series; stylish and practical.
2) storage size options, memory capacity from 32M, 64M, 128M, 256M, 512M, 1GB, 2GB,
4GB, 8GB, 16GB.
3) to support the user's password, full disk encryption, file encryption, ad u disk production (which can be set according to customer requirements
Set automatic advertising features, such as plug U disk automatically play Advertisements animation, video, pictures, pop-up public
Division Web site, Automatic Play music, etc.).
4) according to customer size and requirements of custom packaging, product appearance and color.
5) The surface of the product according to customer requirements silk screen, color printing and laser clients advertising and LOGO company trademark.

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