Wooden clip creative gifts Usb disk printed Garnier LOGO

Wooden clip creative gifts Usb disk  printed Garnier LOGO
  • Item: WoodUSB-0002
  • Dimensions:7.9x2.2x2cm
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  • Categories: Wood USB Memory Stick

wooden clamps personality 8gb USB disk creative customized LOGO
USB Flash disk It not only has the characteristics of gifts, advertising, and also a stylish, high-end business features, it is the perfect combination of utility and value; as long as the user can see the U disk that you want to present to the user to see the content of advertising. There are three kinds of functions can be selected:
1, U disk stored a company website URL, with any common U disk function, when the U disk into the computer's USB port, the computer will automatically enter the URL of the site immediately
2, insert U disk to the computer, the first play an advertisement FLASH, electronic magazines, slides, videos, etc. (can set their own closing time, such as setting up 10 seconds before the display off button, users want to watch 10 seconds before manually shut down). And a text scrolling advertising content, you can display the latest promotions or special offers information.
3, can be a picture, FALSH, slides, text scrolling advertising, Web site address, the pop-up together.

Wooden usb flash drive custom clothing clip creative U disk with laser logo
Wooden clip strong USB Flash Drive, have practical value, durable shell is made of the finest materials, shiny uniform fine structure, hardness is strong, wood is the preferred construction of the ancient palace, now used in high-quality wood furniture, furniture, building materials are irreplaceable, this clip Usb disk has become the gift selection.

Pure wood products custom creative lettering wooden clip 8GB USB disk
USB start function
Built-in LED lights
With the write-protection switch (depending on model), to prevent files from being accidentally deleted, virus
Support ultra-stable technology to prevent data loss
Ordinary plate plug and play, simple to use for quick access to common data
Earthquake proof,
Optional Capacity: 1GB-16GB
USB2.0: reads 11MB / s, write 7MB / s
USB bus-powered: (4.5V-5.5V)

Celebration Gift custom creative wooden clip genuine  Usb pendrive with logo
Capacity: 128M-16GB optional. Individual business units the company's business gifts, advertising gifts exhibition conference publicity investment will apply. The most advanced color printing technology, as long as the customer design the picture is clear pixels high, the printing effect is absolutely not let you down, are imported black colloidal UDP + precision 8-color printing, the image is clear, easy to scratch, gift advertising U disk can implant company advertising materials, can not afford to erase, format can not afford to plug in the computer automatically pop-up ad pages.

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