Tintan branded Furniture wood usb flash memory promotional gift

Tintan branded Furniture wood usb flash memory promotional gift
  • Item: Tintan-0001
  • Dimensions:6.5x2.2x1.3cm
  • E-mail: carausb@aliyun.com
  • Categories: Wood USB Memory Stick

Tintan Furniture since 1956, it is a very famous brand furniture in China. Furniture is always connected with eco wood. All high end furniture are made of friendly material: wood. There are several different wood including bamboo. To promote Tintan's business and awards their old VIP customers, Tintan Furniture asked Cara Technology to custom some wood eco usb flash drives.

We choose a clear wood, and use swivel design usb flash drive, twist wood cap and round wooden usb body. The cap wooden can protect usb flash chips safe and dustproof. Besides usb wood gift flash memory, also we supply wood package box, so lovely eco usb gift set. You can put wood swivel round usb flash disk into wood packing box, or you can put other small items or fashion gadgets, the wood box is very closed to nature, make your life more fun.

We laser engrave TINTAN since 1956 onto wood cap twister, and TINTAN image engraved on left. Very attractive advertise items. Live with wood usb storage device, choose a small usb gift set in total wood invirenmetal. This wood twist usb flash disk size is 6.5x2.2x1.3cm, the net weight of wood round usb flash driver is only 14 grams, very light.

Gift wood packing box's net weight is 44 grams , heavier than usb wood memory sticks. The size for wooden package box is 8x5x2.5cm, you can hold many other gadgets with our lovely wood square pack box. Let your promotional gift more fashion, let's do something good to our Earth Mother.
Wood usb drive customized gift for TinTan Furniture, for any industrial business, there is a marketing campaign, there is Cara Technology's custom USB Flash Drives promotion items.

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