Unique Arched wood USB Flash Drive Wooden gifts 1GB Promotional Customized Christmas logo

Unique Arched wood USB Flash Drive Wooden gifts 1GB Promotional Customized Christmas logo
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Eco-Friendly wood Encased USB Flash Disk
Wooden flash drives become very cheap and can have a greater amount of storage capacity. There are fewer and fewer 128MB flash drives on the market today. Because the large-capacity price is also very cheap, two adjacent chip storage capacities have a negligible price difference. In fact, in order to meet the demand for more people's flash drive customization, each time the trade show starts, a wood square shaped USB flash drive is freely distributed to visitors as a media gift kit and freebies; wooden flash disk are increasingly becoming popular promotional items. branded bamboo usb sticks gifts can also be a novel way of publishing news information. They can be used repeatedly, daily life and office can not be separated from the square wood eco USB disk, and promote everyone to use the most environmentally friendly products, the best choice for wood U-disk. Fortunately, eco-friendly Usb pen drives options are emerging. This product is very worthy of collection, not only because of its cool shape, but also a small size, easy to carry.
Carausb brand custom wooden usb pen drive 8gb16gb 32gb
An obvious advantage of eco-friendly wood arched usb flash memory sticks is the use of a practical wood outer shells. The surface of the wood casing can be printed with a large area of logo or engraving of never-disappear text. As a cheap promotional product, it is very economical because it is a flash memory stick that no one will forget. The free samples and renderings are produced by Cara USB. The outer shells are made of wood branches or sticks, various wood materials and are hand-polished to create a fine USB flash drive. 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB different capacity storage options.
square wood usb flash drive memory stick laser Logo customized promo gift
Although arching square usb flash drive sounds ordinary, it is actually quite uncommon promo item. It has a beautiful arched back shape, a sturdy shell, and a custom option with a wood gift boxes, that will make it stand out from many wooden flash drives. If you're using a wooden storage box,really beautiful. it's a set of wooden gift, although most people won't buy a special wooden storage box because the storage box is not cheap. People may put the USB flash disk in other shopping bags. It has up to 64GB of storage space, and can make more elaborate promotional gifts through laser engraving. This usb flash stick is set in a wood casing, but has a fashion design. a variety of sustainable woods including redwood, walnut and maple, it offers businesses a variety of wood outer housings options. Considering it has a minimum data retention of 10 years, bespoke usb memory sticks as free promotional giving-aways.
USB Flash Drive Arched Style Wood Christmas Gift Promotional Custom logo
More and more people are enthusiastic about wood recycled gifts. CaraUSB responds to eco trends, by using wood-made square arches USB drives. To reach a very compelling advertising purpose, want a more environmentally friendly gift selection, and not be forgotten by customers, then purchase this beautiful flash memory sticks. We have determined that not only the outer housing is more durable but also carries your logo trademark advertising information. I hope you will enjoy our customized service and environmental protection concept. customers brand name logo customized wood usb disk. Whatsapp: +8615014148476 carausb@qq.com may.yuan@carausb.com may.yuan.china@gmail.com Wechat: may_yuan_china QQ: 1945727351

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