Long bar rectangle shaped wooden usb drive custom gift hang key chains

Long bar rectangle shaped wooden usb drive custom gift hang key chains
  • Item: WoodUSB-00021
  • Dimensions:6x2x1cm
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  • Categories: Wood USB Memory Stick

Thin rectangular strips USB disk hanging  key chain
Wood is environmentally USB disk , natural style, wood and personality flash drive, a sufficient amount of flash chips, customized USB Gift products, pure wood outer shell, including wooden and bamboo material, CaraUSB provide various styles of digital electronic gifts, for your custom wood USB Pendrive, according to the needs of businesses and promotion, promote your corporate culture, customize your most satisfactory long rectangle wooden USB Flash memory.
Long bar shape wood USB Pendrive gift hang keychain
Bamboo wood is wood for the shell usb disk , so with bamboo raw materials for the prototype eco wooden USB Flash disk by a lot of customers. Bamboo USB Pendrive  to give people a sense of environmental protection, people always like to use a variety of crafts made of wood, wood products has its own unique advantages and aesthetic qualities of texture. Wooden USB Flash Drive learned woodwork qualities, style, fresh, simple shapes and subtle. According to customer requirements using maple, this bamboo, carbonized bamboo, mahogany, walnut, rosewood and other timber making wooden USB Flash disc enclosure can be sprayed on a wooden high-grade matte USB Drive enclosure according to customer requirements, half matte, crystal-toxic green paint and food-grade water paint.
custom wooden U disk attach a key chain
The greatest feature of elongated rounded bamboo USB disk cover, the other in the wood material Users can also play a self-shell is made of natural bamboo as a material painstakingly created from the processing of USB Memory Sticks shell, exclusive production , classical, personalized fashion, environmental advantages in one set, allowing users to have the feeling of returning to nature, can engrave different patterns.
wood Usb flash drive promotional gifts Adding key chain
USB disk capacity size can be customized according to customer requirements. Gifts USB Drive factory is a collection development, design, production and sales of gift USB Memory Sticks factory,  In order to better the wood (wood) USB Flash disk models show it to you that we gift Usb memory disk factory put bamboo (wooden)  subdivided several categories, these categories are the most customer choice, every year we there are several of the new bamboo U disk market, if you need new bamboo U disk, you can contact us directly.

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