Elliptical arched back wood oval usb flash memory sticks

Elliptical arched back wood oval usb flash memory sticks
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Maple oval bow type USB flash drive
The newest oval wood Usb flash disk is on the market, because its arched back design is very different. The ditching groove around it makes it look very stylish. The oval wood bow type USB flash driver is very beautiful and the COB memory chip's stored capacity range includes 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB.
walnut oval bow type USB flash disk
The bow back shaped wooden Usb disk is a cheap customized item, and the three-dimensional bow-shaped oval wooden flash disk can be used as a toy for children, or it can be a gadget for high-tech electronic gifts. The wooden Usb thumb drives becomes a novel and unique product, and the consumer is surely love eco environmental protectional giveaways, such as this is not only practical but also environmental protection a bow back oval wooden USB storage device. Many people prefer wood products such as wooden furniture, wooden toys, wooden crafts, etc. because the wood shell usually gives people a feeling of closeness to nature, the wood products are made into various shapes, very durable wooden ovals Usb memory disk is  people favourite gift. Shenzhen Cara USB manufacturers wholesale creative carbonized wood oval elbow Usb flash drives customized logo.
bamboo oval bow type USB flash drives
The style of wooden Usb drive is various, whether it is a simple long strip shape, a lovely rounded elliptical shape, or a small and creative wooden stick shape, cork stopper shape, clothespin shape, all can be found at www.carausb.com. If you have a better idea or want an oval bow type Usb memory disk according to your own style, please contact CaraUSB for customization. Now the usb flash disk customized gift market is very mature, no matter what shape you want, what color, what material, what chip capacity, Usb flash disk manufacturers CaraUSB can perfectly meet your specified requirements, help you open the new world door of wooden usb flash memory sticks. One of the advantages of custom-made Usb flash jump drive is that you can print your own logo on the shell and insert your own style Usb flash memory drive on your computer. Mothers won't have to worry about someone picking the wrong Usb disk! Bespoke logo and practical items are The wooden ellipse arches the raised USB flash drive and you deserve it.
maple redwood oval Elliptical arched back USB flash drives
The wood casing protects the USB port on the front of the USB flash drive to prevent dust from entering. Usually many companies will issue very cheap wooden custom gift U disk for free. You can also choose the more affordable oval wooden arched  shape USB disk, solid wooden shell, the bottom can cut a small hole, you can As a keyhole, it is mainly used for suspension and portability. Whatsapp: +8615014148476 carausb@qq.com may.yuan@carausb.com may.yuan.china@gmail.com Wechat: may_yuan_china QQ: 1945727351

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