Biodegradable plant fiber composite materials Eco protection Usb drive rotating clip gift

Biodegradable plant fiber composite materials Eco protection Usb drive rotating clip gift
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  • Dimensions:6.2x2.1x0.5cm
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Biodegradable environmentally friendly materials Usb flash disk
Degradable material within a period of time, By degradation of exogenous factors can be divided into: light biodegradable materials, biodegradable materials. In response to the call of environmental protection, clean ecological environment, Usb flash disk industry has launched a real green health biodegradable usb flash memory, which is a truly biodegradable materials Usb disk, biodegradable shell and aluminum clamp. degradable material usb flash drive is very good for health, due to it is recycle. according to classical twist style usb flash to replace an eco outer housing, similar to paper and plant's fiber.
Green biodegradable material Usb sticks with rotating clip
Composite plant fiber Usb flash disk; Because of light, heat, water, fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms in nature respiration eventually decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, do not destroy the environment, protecting the environment, for the benefit of the public.  The swivel clamp is classic element of an Usb disk, This flash drive is not just a simple gift, but also novel ecological plant fiber composite materials, special environmental protection features, many customers prefer eco health gifts digital storage device, so that custom plant fiber Usb sticks is the best gift.
Environmental dissolved fiber composite material Usb flash memory
Customized Eco Usb flash disk , a portable  fiber shell USB memory sticks, rotating clip flash drive is worthy gifts collection, All industries will need customize new environmentally friendly gifts, such as schools, hospitals, research institutions, freight forwarding, shipbuilding, paper, printing, advertising and marketing as well as supermarkets promotion, company anniversary celebrations, conferences, sports competitions, concerts and other music, let's help you achieve all of the U disk gift solutions.

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