waterdrop plastic flash drives colorful fingernail covers shape Usb disk

waterdrop plastic flash drives colorful fingernail covers shape Usb disk
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Wholesale creative plastic water droplets Usb disk 16gb custom advertising promotional gifts with lanyard
The plastic shell water drop Usb flash disk is a gift most welcome by foreign customers. The whole U-disk is designed into the shape of a big head and small body. When the raindrop falls, the U disk looks lively and interesting, and the shell material is ABS plastic inlaid aluminum frame. The area of ​​the printed Logo is large, the colorful shell is colorful, and there are many colors to choose freely. The appearance of an oval-shaped drop of plastic Usb memory disk looks like a falling drop of water. One end of the drop is pointed and the other end is a smooth elliptical arc. Both ends are completely asymmetrical. The two surfaces of the USB flash disk are convex. It appears to be full of slopes and full, arched surface can display a colorful logo pattern, the shell material is a hard ABS plastic, while sanding treatment, you can also spray rubber oil, feel more delicate, USB head is built into the water droplets shell.
Plastic drops U-disk fingernail gift custom promotion
The cute mini plastic water drop shape Usb sticks flash disk is a new product. The two tips of the water drop Usb pen drive are rounded, and drop into a drop shape towards the middle position. The water droplets look like teardrops, flat on the circle. Many water droplets can be merged into the sea. The meaning of water droplets means that there are a lot of savings. Therefore, most of the names and signs used for public welfare work are very graceful and can be used as daily necessities and decorations.
Water drop shape plastic flash disk is most suitable for business people to use promotional gifts
Water drop modeling pendant Usb flash memory disk, abs plastic drop Usb disk shell color white, orange, blue, red, purple and black and other colors, ABS plastic mini drop Usb thumb drive style special classic, it is CaraUSB introduced color Usb memoria series A very cute simulation product. The plastic droplets are decorated with a silver metal frame around them. At the same time, the whole body is fixed. There are multiple choices for the plastic part color. The flash memory chip is hidden inside the plastic shell of the water droplets, and the shell can be silkscreened with advertising words or Color logo patterns, etc., can be equipped with key chain and lanyard, dial cover design.
Water drop pendant Usb memory disk color mini plastic waterdrops pen drives print company ads info
The design of small droplets Usb flash disc is a bit like a drop of waters, water drops Usb flash gifts are usually used for public welfare organizations. The plastic water droplet Usb memory sticks is made of plastic. The plastic color is dyed by oil spray. The silver around the border is vacuum plating of plastic. This combination makes the water drop Usb pendrives quite novel, simple and stylish, and looks like a fingernail cover. Make key accessories. The flash disk has excellent sealing performance, the overall structure is evenly distributed, and the pressure resistance is also enhanced. Even if both hands forcefully squeeze the water droplets Usb drives, it is also difficult to deform, the shell is quite strong, and its drop resistance is also good Far more than other plastic flash drives. Whatsapp: +8615014148476 carausb@qq.com may.yuan@carausb.com may.yuan.china@gmail.com Wechat: may_yuan_china QQ: 1945727351

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