Rounded mini bean blue plastic magic beans usb flash disk with PNY brand logo

Rounded mini bean blue plastic magic beans usb flash disk with PNY brand logo
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  • Dimensions:40x18x8mm
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  • Categories: Plastic USB Drive

PNY small magic beans 8GB colorful blue plastic Usb disk brand gifts
U disk price is the greater the cost with the more cost-effective, today CaraUSB for everyone to introduce a PNY brand small magic beans Usb disk, the capacity of 8GB, dark blue plastic bean shape mini small magic beans flash disk, which is PNY company's latest products, We can customize your logo logo, in the gift market selling degree and logo recognition are high, the price is quite cost-effective. PNY magic beans although it looks round and smooth, in fact, Usb sticks for the composition of the two, the gap is very tight, not easily fall off. Data storage performance, PNY magic beans Usb flash memory using the original high-speed flash memory particles, imported original chip and USB 2.0 transmission interface, read and write speed is very stable, data transmission and performance are very excellent. In addition, this Usb drive is also waterproof and dustproof, durable.
Rounded small beans U disk 8GB Funny novelty magic beans PNY Logo
PNY "magic beans" Usb memory disk has a variety of different chip capacity storage range, at the same time with 5 different shell colors, while the five colors also represent a different magic with five different "magic beans": lucky magic beans, wisdom magic Beans, healthy magic beans, charm magic beans and love magic beans. So you have a magic beans Usb drives memory sticks at the same time also harvest blessing and good luck. This is inspired by the fairy tale, specially crafted magic beans shape Usb flash disk, has been listed, young fashion magic lovers favorite gift.
Blue plastic Small magic beans large capacity PNY Funny 8GB Usb disk
Variety of small magic beans PNY magic beans, the world's leading storage manufacturers PNY's products have been well received by the majority of users, today for everyone to bring a small and lovely, stylish and generous PNY "magic beans" Usb disk, this USB drive volume has beautiful color, looks like a bean, there is a need friends may wish to look at. In order to attract more consumers, Funny novelty small Usb memory sticks has been in the market after another, PNY "magic beans" with different design style, round and small, looks like a bean, now 8GB price of 89 yuan. Funny little "magic beans" PNY 8GB strange small Usb flash memory, small beans very small look very cute, suitable for girls with. Magic beans, vitality of youth, colorful show the vitality of the most influential youth flash drive discs · vitality of youth - a loving pea shape · colorful - a variety of colors to choose from.

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