Medical Institution Personalized Pills Gift Green capsule USB flash drive

Medical Institution Personalized Pills Gift Green capsule USB flash drive
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Hospital promotional gift capsule shape U disk 1GB green plastic pill USB flash drives
Oval plastic green capsule shape Usb disk is a souvenir that we customize for Australian customers, because pharmaceutical companies need a lot of gift pills, choose plastic oval die silver capsule is a good idea, according to the customer's green logo to customize the plastic capsule of the USB flash drive shell Color: grass green. The surface of the oval-shaped capsule USB memory sticks is silk-screened with a 3-color logo, and the key hole at the top can be used to hang small items such as keys.
Medical custom gift capsule green USB disk pill shape
Capsules are a kind of common pill. The most common thing in medical clinics. if a clinic wants to expand its popularity, it is better to contact CaraUSB to custom capsules gifts usb flash memory. According to the name of your clinic and the shape of clinic's logo, we arrange the capsule color and flash memory chip volume, we will print the most beautiful advertising info, and all requirements are personalized according to the actual situation of the clinic.
Private clinic promotional supplies plastic capsules USB flash pills memory disk
This capsule U disk is the best gift in the pharmaceutical industry. The medical Usb flash disk is the shape of a capsule pill. Its main function is to store medical information and patient information, and to promote sales for patients in hospitals. The appearance of drug capsules is more intuitive in the form of medicines. Through the life of the most common items pill capsules to guide patients to remember the hospital name, truly Usb memory disk and medical advertising resources integration and customization: can be printed on the surface of the Usb sticks advertising words, the chip can be pre-stored in the hospital's promotional content (video, Documents, pictures, etc.) The animation is played automatically, and 100% personalized personalized medical advertising promotional gifts. Drug companies to promote new drugs can not be separated from the green oval plastic pill Usb flash drives.
Medical Institution Personalized Gift Pills Promotional USB Flash memory Drives
The capsules usb flash disk are undoubtedly the best gift for medical promotion. The shape of the pills, the smooth surface, the small size, and the light weight are very good to carry. The medical advertising custom promotional item specialist is CaraUSB, our website has a variety of medical USB flash drives for you to choose from, if you do not know the custom process, please write an email, we will promptly reply. Whatsapp: +8615014148476 Wechat: may_yuan_china QQ : 1945727351

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