Blue Plastic Touch Pen usb drive high tech promotion gifts 2GB

Blue Plastic Touch Pen usb drive high tech promotion gifts 2GB
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  • Dimensions:7x1.8x0.7cm
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blue touch pen usb flash disk
It is called mini plastic blue touch pen usb flash drive, only 7 grams net weight, size is 7x1.8x0.7cm. A slide button on the side, you can slide it on or down, let usb flash chips out or in. When you connect usb touch pen drive with computer, please slide button down. One head with usb flash storage function, at another head, it is black touch point, you can use it on screen , Ipad or smart phone.

slide pen shape usb drive with touch point
2, U disk stored website:
When a site U disk into the computer's USB port, the computer will automatically enter the business website immediately URL (for example: an insurance company website, hotel website, school website, auto website ...... major institutions site, the major corporate websites Wait).
3, stored FLASH, U disk image:
When you insert U disk to the computer, to play a FLASH ads or related pictures, slides, etc., if the corporate culture videos, corporate divisions and other products FLASH animation, one-time investment in permanent benefit!

touch pen usb memory sticks
4, U disk Advantages:
a, high-tech products popular.
b, you can choose any style appearance.
c, very affordable, is known as the cheapest and most effective advertising.
d, surprising way to enter a specific site.
e, vast market potential.
5, Application:
a, promotional gifts
b, professional sales tool
c, enterprise publishing market, business opening gifts.
d, online product catalog
e, new members, new students online recruiting
f, online products, policies and regulations publicity
g, an important moment gift commemorative gifts.

plastic slide touch pen usb flash disk
Usb disk features: the best, most affordable, most creative advertising products and gifts to share:
1, U disk has carried out its function: to make the company's LOGO in appearance. U disk general life of about 10 years, equal companies spend a money to do advertising for many years, so, by word of mouth between customers, more credibility and authenticity, helping to increase customer sales, can be described as a buy, perennial benefit.
Factory strict testing, quality assurance and reliable:
Our products factory has to go through three steps for testing to ensure that pre-qualified rate of 100%.
H2 can be over international general U disk detection software testing to ensure that each U quality standards

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