Plastic blue Usb disk pen portable flash disc usb 2.0 custom logo creative ballpoint business gifts wholesale

Plastic blue Usb disk pen portable flash disc usb 2.0 custom logo creative ballpoint business gifts wholesale
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  • Dimensions:134*17.5mm
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wholesale blue plastic pen with buckle transparent removable USB flash pen gift customization
ABS ballpoint pen pen U-disk, plastic surface can be treated with rubber paint, removable pen shape gift Usb disk, can be printed on the clip above the logo, the chip is located in the top of the pen, plug-in, pen inside the built-in magnet, High-grade plastic ball-point pen Usb flash disk with writing function, suitable for business meetings and teaching seminars and other occasions, the best stationery gifts, but also a souvenir gift, blue plastic pen Usb memory disc appearance size is 134 * 17.5mm, net weight is 16 grams, made international patent number: ZL201230292605.4.
business signature pen flash disk blue plastic dual purpose pen gifts
Plug-in pen U disk transparent body, the shell color can choose other standard colors, if you order more than 5000 pieces, then you can customize the color of your selected color Pantone PMS code. International conferences require writing tools, Usb disk pen with multiple functions, storage of documents and video photos, ballpoint pen free to write documents and memos. flash disk and pen are independent of the separate, the end of the magnet design, so you easily remove the Usb drives, plug-in and magnet, so Usb memory disk and pen is separate state, to maintain a separate office, this pen Usb sticks is the most popular Office supplies, when the ball-point pen runs out of ink, you can throw away the ball-point pen, Usb disc can also continue to use, Usb thumb drives life of up to 5 years, great advertising gifts, printing company logo and marketing slogans, Many people know your brand.
Bulk ballpoint pen Usb disk blue plastic gift pens silk screen print color LOGO U8GB
Demolition of the Usb flash disk and magnet ballpoint pen, can meet the needs of modern business office, U disk can be used independently, from the pen gently plug, pen ink color is blue, slightly reverse the pen, ink exposed, writing and notes, how clever design, if you want to find more other pen-shaped flash disk, please visit carausb this link:   Pen Usb disk has become the most popular gift on the gift market, both digital storage portable tools, you can customize the shape of the pen, Usb memory disk storage capacity, outer shell material and its colors, any gift pen Usb disc can be found in, we are China's most professional custom pen Usb drive factory, to meet the custom needs of corporate gifts, provide professional pen Usb thumb drive custom program, all the design inspiration and creativity are free to provide, now contact our sales team.  Whatsapp: +8615014148476  Email:  Skype: may_yuan_china

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