Black plastic pen Shape 8GB Customized USB Flash Drive customized gifts

Black plastic pen Shape 8GB Customized USB Flash Drive customized gifts
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Black plastic USB Flash Drive  Pen shape Products
The role of the pen is very powerful, especially 2-in-1 multifunctional pen USB disk, USB Flash disk and pen, we are separate and distinct. Tip pen designed a groove, you can insert a mini USB Flash Drive. USB Flash disk pen is easy to remove as USB disk when using an electronic product, pen shell is thin-walled tubular, USB Pendrive to insert mounted at the upper end of the pen body, USB flash memory was flat, with two installation symmetrical positioning plane, the pen has a internal body positioning for USB Thumb Drive to install the support frame, the support frame has a cylindrical mounting base fixedly mounted on the inside of the body after a suitable pen inserted, the mount offers up extending two symmetrically positioned sheet therebetween for receiving said forming a USB Flash Memory Stick space.
8GB Pen shape USB Drive with side Insert flash chips
Black plastic pen slim shape of business, in addition to a metal clip, but also with USB Flash disk tools. USB disk is sealed in a tiny black colloidal chip inside. Simple compact design, make USB Flash Memory and pen combined.
Gift product  Pen shape usb flash drive
Business meetings and academic research forums and other activities occasions, cultivating a luxury black plastic pen, is the best tool, if you still want USB Pendrive to store information or data, so our custom USB Flash disk promotional pen is the best gifts. USB Flash disk pen as a traditional pen and writing tools as a modern information storage tool U disk combined to make an article having a writing and information storage functions, for people to bring convenience.

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