Yellow truck shape usb flash disk 16GB

Yellow truck shape usb flash disk 16GB
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Yellow soft truck Usb disk auto accessories customization
The mini yellow truck Usb disk is a beautiful and stylish personalized car promotional gifts, yellow PVC soft plastic shells, the surface embossed black website address, contact phone number, and Chinese company name, very interesting portable digital storage gadgets, it is a type of cars Usb flash disk for container vehicles or container trucks. The truck is an effective assistant for the delivery of freight, courier, and logistics companies. The shape of a small cartoon truck, the flash chip is hidden in the cars, and the streamlined conjoined design allows the entire truck to be printed Logo, in accordance with the requirements of the truck company customized car USB memory, Carausb will maximize the creative, use environmentally friendly soft rubber material to open the 3D truck Usb flash drives, if you want to tractor Usb disk, Usb drive or train Usb flash, Our factory direct sales, the cars shell can be set any color, specifically for the world truck manufacturers and car retail stores to provide trucks Usb sticks souvenirs. According to your car's unique design, logistics truck, welcome to request for yellow soft truck model Usb disk design model, for reference.
Exhibition gift truck 3D car USB flash drive custom logo
The mini yellow truck Usb flash disk is a customized as a car gift from a well-known auto parts company in China. In order to participate in the auto parts supplies exhibition in Dubai, the auto parts company found CaraUSB and asked to customize their own logo mini truck promotional Usb flash drive, as a souvenir for the auto show. give free giveaways to auto-car fans and auto parts retailers. The auto parts company sent a picture of a yellow truck model and a real car photograph, showing different details. Our designers used the most professional angle to evaluate the car model and then mock-up an 3D car Usb flash sticks simulation visual effect chart to get the auto parts company approval. We immediately arranged new PVC molds for sample proofing and mass production. The order quantity was 200 16GB.
Vehicle truck cartoon car model shape usb flash memory
Cars Model gift USB flash drive includes large truck usb disk, simulation truck flash disk, pvc container usb drive, tanker flash memory disk, liquefied petroleum gas truck advertising gift usb disc 16gb, train soft usb sticsk 32GB, please remember to contact CaraUSB, consult Sales staff, get a specific instant quotes. Whatsapp: +8615014148476  Wechat: may_yuan_china   QQ: 1945727351 

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