traffic signal usb disk red light shape thumb drive traffic light gifts

traffic signal usb disk red light shape thumb drive traffic light gifts
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  • Dimensions:53x43x21mm
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traffic light custom usb flash disk gifts 16GB
Traffic lights by the red light, green light, green light, light bulbs, light bulbs, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB. A red light indicates stop, a green light indicates a permit, and a yellow light indicates an alarm. Black lampposts string together three traffic lights. traffic light shaped usb disk in black, soft rubber material, traffic signal theme customized promotional gifts, you can see a new red light style usb thumb drive, public traffic light advertising concept personalized us sticks. which comes a set of automatically operated colored lights, typically red, amber, and green, for controlling traffic at road junctions and crosswalks.
traffic signal shape usb flash memory giveaways 8GB
Traffic lights This red, yellow, green three colors as a traffic signal is more noticeable. Road traffic lights is a category of traffic safety products, is to strengthen the road traffic management, reduce traffic accidents, improve road use efficiency, improve traffic conditions, an important tool. Customized Usb flash disk traffic light shape, it applies to the Department of Transportation gifts, and school road safety education props, a mini-traffic signal Usb disk, so that children improve safety awareness, to comply with traffic rules.
red light personalized usb sticks 4GB

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