traffic light shape usb flash disk traffic signal pendrive red light flashdrives

traffic light shape usb flash disk traffic signal pendrive red light flashdrives
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  • Dimensions:5.6x3.3x0.3cm
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Traffic lights pendrive traffic lights custom gift Usb disk
The main warning lights play a role. Red for stop, green line has long been familiar to every heart, then you've seen the traffic lights Usb memory sticks shape? PVC shell customizable traffic lights Usb drive, this is the best traffic promotional gifts , because it comes with three different colors of light, fully simulate the crossroads of traffic lights, great traffic alerts and road safety education Usb flash disk, the stored traffic laws and driving knowledge to help students understand more novice drivers and traffic lights.
traffic signal shape usb flash disk 8GB
Traffic lights are divided into: motor vehicle lights, non-motor vehicle lights, crosswalk lights, direction lights, traffic lights from red, green and amber light. Red light to indicate that traffic green light indicates allowed to pass, the yellow light indicates a warning. Traffic lights, also known as traffic lights, is the replacement of the interaction of light and color signals prescribed time, usually set at the fork or other special place for the designated right of way to the driver of the vehicle and pedestrian traffic control.

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