Sea Animal Series Blue Dolphin bespoke USB flash drives PVC mould embossed ads logo

Sea Animal Series Blue Dolphin bespoke USB flash drives PVC mould embossed ads logo
  • Item: CustomUSB-000141
  • Dimensions:3.8x1.3x0.2cm
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blue dolphin usb drive custom animal promotional gifts
Blue Dolphin shape of animals creative Usb disk series, this is a very cute dolphin shape Usb flash disk, Come from CaraUSB. Summer marine style, accompany you to travel around the world. Cover one piece, thoughtful design is not afraid of missing. Strap hole design, with scratch-Bone series elastic sling. With the mood to replace the coat, transformation of different shapes. Dolphin appearance Usb disk coat dirty can be washed, such a fresh and lovely and practical thing. Dolphins charactor Usb Sticks suitable for the marine park dolphin show gift flash disk.
CaraUSB brand Dolphin shape USB Flash Disk
This is a small dolphin Usb disk, who would have thought such a small animal toy will be a digital usb flash disk? In fact, cute dolphin style. Although it is small, it can have 4gb of memory. usb2.0 high speed interface. Quality soft silicone material feel, crystal transparent cylinder packaging. The Blue Dolphin animal Usb pendrive, is a cute smile dolphin, Usb drive is a very good creative design. Flash disk placed inside the self-presentation documents or pictures, then print Information, beautiful sea creatures, dolphins romantic Usb thumb drive and keep your company logo, to bring more conservationists more ads.
blue PVC custom Dolphin Flash Drive Promotion giveaways provides sea animal serial USB peripherals storage device, 3D animals custom logo, Lots of Interesting dolpin USB gift stuffs, blue dolphin shape animal usb disk giveaways gadgets, USB sea blue dolphin lifestyle products for customers gifting needs.

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