self-righting Budaoweng utility model roly-poly the tumbler toy bespoke usb sticks 8GB dolls

self-righting Budaoweng utility model roly-poly the tumbler toy bespoke usb sticks 8GB dolls
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  • Dimensions:56x56x2.1mm
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the tumbler doy customized usb flash disk 8GB cartoon dolls shape
A daruma is a toy that being weighed on the bottom rights itself if you tip it over. China usb flash disk manufacturer Carausb customized the tumbler shape usb pendrive 8Gb, it has colorful doll image embossed, and a soft touch pad, a metal key ring, soft rubber material, cartoon doll concept flash memory is tumbler Humpty Dumpty toys usb flash drives, bright colors and big capacity storage device. The traditional "Daruma" doll is hollow and round with blank white eyes and is named after Bodhidharma, legendary Buddhist monk, but we put flash chip inside, so exclusive bespoke toys usb flash memory can be promotional giveaways, The utility model is characterized in that the modern electronic technology and the traditional toy are hung together, and so enlarges the appreciation area of the tumbler toy.
Chinese tumbler bespoke usb flash memory sticks 16GB Russian promotional gifts
The main cartoon charactor usb sticks production are: roly-poly toy series; Chinese best cheap promotional gift usb disk has capacity from1GB to 64GB, tumbler personalized creative flashdrives, Humpty Dumpty cartoon charactor, the tumbler toy bespoke roly-poly wobbling giveaways, any size of "Daruma" doll design usb pen drive, self-righting utility model usb flash memory, to save your money, Customized Budaoweng doll usb disk for your event, birthday, baby shower, bachelor and hen parties, anniversary, or use them as an advertising, openings, massive events, activations. Promotional tumbler pendrive Items will build your Brand and promote marketing solution. Our sales team contact email:  tumbler shape usb flash disk , it is a new roly-poly cartoon toy promotional items. the tumbler doll serial bepsoke memory stick has large capacity to be your desk decoration gadgets, also can be your adverting display tool. PVC mould customized charactor design flash memory will be rock up your branding.

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