Paint Brush bespoke usb flash drives 1GB to 64GB

Paint Brush bespoke usb flash drives 1GB to 64GB
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Paint brush U disk
Decoration company celebrates 5,000 gift paint brushes Usb disk, free to consumers, the size of the brushes Usb memory disk is 54mmx35mmx5mm, the product's tag is a soft brush Usb memory disk and paint brush custom gift, the most suitable occasion is the decoration company's promotional gifts , souvenir gifts for interior decoration, business gifts for home brands, etc. How to customize your own logo paint brush USB flash drive? Can be printed on the surface of the existing brush U disk logo, shell floating words, brush shape custom arbitrarily modeling, each unique design of the paint brush USB flash disk, order quantity is 100 pieces, 50 US dollars of PVC mold cost, free rapid delivery visual effects diagram. Detailed description of PVC soft oil barrel brush Usb sticks, in order to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the decoration company's anniversary activities, decorating company specially commissioned CaraUSB to design a mini cute brush USB pen drive according to the proportion of a brand brushes product, the orders quantity is 5,000 pieces, because all guests participating in the anniversary celebrations will be sent a lucky draw and distribute souvenirs. Soft PVC paint brush Usb flash memory disk will be engraved with the decoration company's logo and contact information, free to each audience. The decoration company regards the paint brush Usb disk as the ultimate mystery gift for free gift for the old customers. As long as new customers also participate in the celebration activities and register the private information, the decoration company will also send a free brush USB flash memory, Prize draw, and get a large discount on home interior decoration.
Paints brushes Usb flash memory
Brush is a necessities in daily life, such as cleaning brushes, paint brushes, tool brushes, etc. The above illustrations shows a cartoon-shaped brush Usb disk, which is a paint brush Usb memory disk, it is a home improvement company decorated promotional gifts, usually Customers who participate in home decorating can get a creative cartoon paint brush Usb pen drive for free. When you see this lovely gift, you must not miss it. The brush model Usb stick is tailor-made for the decorating company. The brush Usb flash memory factory has ready-made molds. It is completely to meet the needs of customers' paints. The customer requires this paintbrush Usb flash to be atmospheric and embossed with the corporate logo, so our designer used a simple design style, the overall simple atmosphere, no extra modification, a brush into the paint bucket, with different colors to distinguish the various parts of the brushes, streamlined brushes appearance makes the entire USB flash drives seem practical and cute. A keyhole is also designed at the end of the brush to allow the user to attach the key chain and hang it on the backpack. Whatsapp: +8615014148476  Wechat: may_yuan_china   QQ: 1945727351 

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