I Love You named Lollipop custom usb flashdrives candy sugar gifts

I Love You named Lollipop custom usb flashdrives candy sugar gifts
  • Item: CustomUSB-000106
  • Dimensions:6.5*2.2*0.8cm
  • E-mail: carausb@qq.com
  • Categories: PVC Custom Flash Memory

Red and white lollipop custom gift usb flash disk, you know it's not just sugar, but a real U disk, lollipop shape Usb disc products, the best-selling candy gift, red lollipop custom PVC unique Usb flashdrives, its shell material is soft rubber, environmental protection, easily customized into a variety of shapes, 2D lollipop shape Usb sticks, romantic weddings gift and corporate parties most unusual giveaways, unique Usb sugar flash memory will attract the attention of customers.
The sugar Usb sticks looks a bit like a fan, in fact, it is flat lollipop, 2D design, red lollipop special innocence usb drive, let your recollection of childhood, sweet flavor, make the wedding more romantic, candy flash memory sticks, surface relief the I Love You
Logo, great candy usb thumb drive, lollipops usb flashdrives gives everyone a sweet childhood memories. Dessert red and white lollipop Usb disk, custom 2D candy, sweet wedding gift, candy Usb drive is a candy manufacturer best promotional gifts, gifts can also be used as wedding photography agencies, to meet the bride and groom's fantasy, sweet Usb flash disc is lollipop shape, unique I Love You.

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