Yellow fruit promotional usb sticks 8GB gifts lemon usb flash disk

Yellow fruit promotional usb sticks 8GB gifts lemon usb flash disk
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  • Dimensions:6.5*3.2*1.8cm
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  • Categories: PVC Custom Flash Memory

Yellow fruit Usb disk orange flash memory lemon customized usb sticks
Fruit custom lemon creative gift USB flash drive, Lemon Usb flash disk easy to carry, you can also print your company LOGO, contact information, etc., to facilitate customers to remember your brand name, an event promotional vehicle. Green leaves with yellow lemon, fruit shape so that more consumers fall in love with this visual USB flash memory. Send lemon Usb flash drives to customers, so that customers love fruit and your logo. Girls love cute gifts, so exquisite lemon appearance, is a very cute digital storage device. You can also add it to a lanyard or key chain, lemon Usb memory disk will become a jewelry carry, children can also take the orange Usb disc as accessories or toys.
PVC mold custom Realistic lemon promotional Usb disk 2GB 4GB 8Gb 16GB
CaraUSB Manufacturers using environmentally friendly soft PVC material customized usb flash drives, according to the shape of the lemon giveaways, yellow fruits Usb flash disk 8GB, 3D creative cartoon lemons shape Usb disk, usb flash memory lemon shell is bright yellow, very eye-catching fruits shape USB flash memory, we can also provide other kinds of mini fruits thumb drives and small vegetables Usb disk, but yellow Lemon USB flash drives is the most popular item, because its yellow surface embossed with the white logo : Les Assurances De la Caisse D'epargne Protegent votre santa, .  Skype: may_yuan_china  Whatsapp +8615014148476
Creative fruit lemon gifts customized 1GB 2GB Usb flash drives embossed logo
As a super cute fruit Usb disc, the lemon lemon U disk has a very visual impact effect. The stylish lemon shape U disk and the soft plastic mold are custom made. The appearance is round and the feel is comfortable. Lemon bright yellow Usb thumb drives, while storing the data, but also can be used as a very interesting decorations, highlighting the vitality of youth. lemon pen drives Very suitable for gifts.

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