Fingers posture usb flash drive 8GB Finger modeling sign memory sticks

Fingers posture usb flash drive 8GB Finger modeling sign memory sticks
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Finger posture usb flash drives 8Gb gesture pen drive
Fingers posture is a movement of part of the body, Carausb customized finger usb flash disk to express an idea and make a victory gesture.There are 5 different gestured usb flash disk in different colors, full meaningfully with the No.1; No. 2; No.3;  No.4; No.5; different gestures, different sign. CaraUSB choose fingers to posture cartoon position, unique appearance, outer looks nice. Five posture means "like,yes, no, victory, ok." Different finger position represents a different meaning, so these PVC customization fingers Usb memory disk, also told us some potential customers out of the ordinary jokes or fun, humor and fashion a digital high-tech gadgets gifts.
sign customized usb flash memory 8GB fingers postures memory sticks
Finger gestures have all kinds of wonderful gestures, we chose the 5 conventional common posture, as the inspiration Usb flash disk. The other is a bit like a funny cartoon action, ladies love try finger movement.. in addition to the chopsticks, fingers ten fingers to pull the nose, what we can do? Please tell us your favorite fingers. The body language of the hand is very rich, often can contain hidden secrets. Specific body posture Usb flash drives, contains a lot of advertising taste and marketing purposes. Hongkong people in Cantonese, Usb disk is called "finger", probably because the size of the Usb drive and fingers almost, can be compared with the fingers of the image of this new thing! Also, in Cantonese, the 'bulb' is called 'the light bulb'.

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