Japan Fujifilm camera 16GB USB 3.0 flashdrives cameras customized memory sticks

Japan Fujifilm camera 16GB USB 3.0 flashdrives cameras customized memory sticks
  • Item: CustomUSB-000127
  • Dimensions:86x45x12mm
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  • Categories: PVC Custom Flash Memory

Japan Fujifilm camera customize usb flash disk USB 3.0 16GB
Japan FujiFilm has a famous slogan as Value From Innovation, worldwide customers think Fujifilm camera is a innovative photograph tools. How to absorb more camera technology, then customize a Fujifilm usb flash disk, the 3D new cameras shape usb flash memory is Fujifilm brand prmotional giveaways, with a good package box, transparent P box , a round cylinder crystal packing box, give Fujifilm camera users more surprise.
Fujifilm promotional gift is camera shape pen drive 16GB USB3.0
Fuji in various fields of social services and the creation of innovative products, and to provide effective photography program helps the joy of photography, Fujifilm add more users, because the creation of new cameras, our image more diversified Chinese company commissioned by Fuji, CaraUSB Shenzhen factory customized 1000 cameras Usb disk, according to a real structure of Fujifilm camera, fully realistic simulation of a 3D miniature camera Usb flash disk, using PVC material, mold 2 days, free of mold costs.
Fujifilm cameras 16GB usb disk promotional gifts for photography mechanism
Fuji Film business in many fields: from digital cameras to film, from computer media to medical imaging equipment. CaraUSB aim to bring photography agency a innovative camera shape usb flash disk products, solve marketing and advertising, to protect Fujifilm global sales environment.
Fuji branded camera usb flash memory made of PVC mould has 16GB
Fujifilm camera usb flash drive has a small key ring, it can help photographer to attach cameras usb sticks  with their shooting equipment, and we use round crystal cylinder plastic box, this package box can be best resellers items. Sell a Fujifilm camera and give a free mini PVC Fujifilm brand camera usb flash drive giveaways.

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