DHL Large ship custom USB Flash Memory promotional gifts

DHL Large ship custom USB Flash Memory promotional gifts
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Many shipping companies and shipping route are to select large ship as their means of transport, a ship can load a lot of cargo at sea, the ship is the most effective means of transport. We can customize your boat USB Flash disk promotional gifts. Our USB Sticks boat is the best gift you want.
Retro car promotions Usb disk gifts custom any logo
Danmar Lines C O Dhl Global is a manufacturer in China Taiwan. Their recent shipment to Dhl Global Forwarding. As well as tracking and querying, DHL operates a host of advanced customer-facing program management tools. This is carausb specifically tailored for vintage car promotions and a plastic coupe Usb disk, as a gift for the auto show trade show, the custom roof of the British flag and the logo of the car company for the UK car industry promotional gifts.
British flag car usb flash drives 1gb
Danmar Lines cooperate with DHL, they use ship to cargo goods on the sea. Rocker is a single propeller, double vertical through the deck, a long forecastle, bow column forward, stern style cruisers, the central deck house has central cabin with high-margin steel diesel freeboard ocean vessels. Please add Skype: may_yuan_china ; Or contact Whatsapp +8615014148476, Sales Email is  .
Coupe USB flash memory sticks 8GB
Big ship modeling custom promotional gifts U disk, is our custom DHL commissioned a novel gift, we designed according to size cargo USB Flash disk structure, so that every detail is close to the actual object. Ship shape usb flash memory in yellow and black, red logo imprinted. The usb button is hidden at bottom side. Slide out, you can use usb flash disk ; pull back, the usb connector is hidden. Very convenient structure.

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