Yellow Flying Horse PVC custom promo USB Flash Drive 8GB Gifts

Yellow Flying Horse PVC custom promo USB Flash Drive 8GB Gifts
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Animal mascot flying horse gifts USB Disk
Portable digital storage devices introduced new products: cartoon u disk 3D PVC soft small flying horse u disk, according to the Chinese zodiac New Year of the Horse and specially customized happy new year gifts, flying pony cartoon usb disk embossed Chinese words, The Chinese New Year Year of the Horse Mascot USB flash memory is a kind of portable data storage device, uses environmentally friendly soft plastic PVC shell material, factory wholesale , MOQ 100 units. Yellow horse mascots shape bespoke promotional gifts to congratulate New Year 2014. The Chinese Lunar Year of the Horse. so Shenzhen Usb memory disk manufacturer CaraUSB comply with Chinese flying horse commemorative gift, it was produced with the preference, the picture shows the horse is a flying colored pony. Its four horseshoe is powerful and cheerful, flying happily. The new year's new cartoon animal horses Usb flash memory drives and unicorn.animal Usb thumb drives meaning is good.
Red brown flying horse cartoon series USB flash drives embossed logo
The customer opened a model and customized the flying pony USB flash drive 16GB. The horse is a herbivore and lives mainly in the north. The horse is a helper for agricultural production, transportation and military activities. Horse shape U-disk cartoon PVC animal flashdrive is a flat product, PVC material shell made and waterproof, 2D flat flying pony Usb flash memory disk appearance is to simulate the running horse shape, black lines outline the horse's body shape and movement status.
Three-dimensional cartoon Pegasus animal USB sticks cheap personal giveaways
The horse has a high status in Chinese culture, a beautiful mascot and full of positive symbols. Therefore, the U-Year Edition U disk received widespread attention from consumers. Silicone cartoon U disk custom flying pony U disk is a super cute gift, unique Chinese zodiac cartoon shape, rich atmosphere, brown red horse is in line with the New Year theme, exquisite workmanship, 16GB of storage capacity suitable for office use, if you still want Customize other animal model U disk as a New Year gift. Please contact us through these channels: Whatsapp: +8615014148476 Wechat: may_yuan_china QQ: 1945727351

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