blue cartoon sea animal shark customize usb flash drives 8GB giveaways

blue cartoon sea animal shark customize usb flash drives 8GB giveaways
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Ocean Animal Shark Custom USB Flash Drive Blue Sharks Hi-Tech gifts
Shark is a long-bodied chiefly marine fish with a cartilaginous skeleton, it is our new customized sea animal sharks shape usb flash drives, blue soft shark bespoke usb flash memory sticks has many white prominent dorsal fin, which looks like white little dots. Most sharks are predatory, creative shark's Usb disk 16gb suitable for boys and girls, used as mini cartoon cute gifts.USB2.0 high-speed authentic, it the overlord of the sea, sharks are the king of the water. Immediately start an adventure trip to find the mysterious blue shark custom sea animals USB flash drive, shark Usb thumb drive with a soft PVC shell, touching is soft. The back of the shark is blue and the belly is white, so the shark design usb flash disk definitely simulate the shape of a real shark. Putting it on a desk will make you think of the ocean and the underwater world is full of fish. Bio corals. We know CaraUSB as a shark U-disk also marine animal bespoke USB drives custom production factory, knows the types of shark is divided into: whale shark, shark attack, jump the shark, shark fin, hammerhead shark, shark bait, basking shark, shark fin soup, bull shark , nurse shark.
Sea Animal Blue Shark Mascot Custom USB Flash Drives
Shark U disk uses a three-dimensional sea fish shape design, shark body streamlined to reduce the resistance of water movement. Key chain can be hung onto shark flashdrives, easy to carry, as a unique decoration promo gifts, its shell material is PVC soft rubber, bright blue and white, PVC material shark U-disk is also more resistant to pressure, durable lovely shark shape PVC material bespoke USB flash drive's usage of the scene: for environmental protection, marine protection and fish attractions. blue small Shark Usb memory disk is not as fierce as real sharks, this is a cartoon shark gifts only, a cartoon sea animal mini shark simulation Usb flash drive on your desk, it will make you feel cheerful, children either can not resist fun shark new modeling usb flash products.
Blue 3D Ocean Animal sharks styling USB drives 8GB giveaways
The cute shark USB flash drive can be given to students as a graduation gift. It is a children's day gift. The shark's shape is a 3D effect. The realistic shark shape is accompanied by a cute expression. Adults and children love marine animals. Then flash chip storage capacity of 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB available USB2.0 interface, Fashion cute shark USB flash memory can be used for personal use besides from be gifts, in addition to shark modeling flashdrives, we can also customize other animal model USB flash disc, you just send your favorite animal photos or cartoon patterns, We will cater to hot cartoon animal USB flash disk customized market, timely help all kinds of enterprises to customize a variety of mascot animal logo personalized flash drive giveaways, 3D animal customized PVC soft USB flash memory sticks shell, can simulate any cartoon animal shape, welcome your mascot pattern, let our designers to combine inspiration and aesthetics to help you design a unique private U-disk mold. Whatsapp: +8615014148476 Wechat: may_yuan_china QQ: 1945727351

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