Alcoholic beverage industry promotional custom Coke bottle USB flash drive

Alcoholic beverage industry promotional custom Coke bottle USB flash drive
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Red brown beer bottle shape USB disk custom logo beverage promotional gifts
Beer manufacturers customized advertising gift bottle 2D flat red brown Usb disk, embossed beer products Logo, PVC soft plastic custom beer bottle shell, the shell surface embossed with various logos and colorful patterns, if the oil company needs a lubricant bottle Usb flash disc, whether it is beer cup 16gb Usb memory or milk bottle Usb drives, we can open the PVC mold to custom mass production. Promotional summer drink bottle Usb thumb drives, or milk box shape Usb flash drives, chewing gum bottle custom creative USB flash memory, metal bottle opener U-disk , All can be in accordance with customer requirements to provide a full resource of promotional gift programs.
Flat bottle promotion USB flash memory beer bottles personalized gadgets
Beer company custom brown red PVC beer bottle U disk, flat bottle shape, bottles shell material with soft PVC, the surface is a three-dimensional embossed logo process, realistic beer bottle appearance, loved by customers, beverage bottle Usb flash disk is The hotel held gifts for wedding activities, Logo color matches the actual PMS color code. Beer bottle Usb sticks external modeling is to imitate the shape of the beer bottle, the color of the bottle can be customized, beer fans like to love this product. Bring creative beer bottle gifts, provide unique gifts for beer promotions, private customized Coke bottle Usb memory disk, mineral water bottle U disk and beverage bottle U-disk, beer bottle U disk are personalized cup container packaging series Usb flash drivers, Suitable for drinks milk and wine promotion celebrations, whether it is a cup of milk tea cans Coke bottles or wine barrels, all containers Usb flash driver. Will be preheated summer gift market, wine promotion has been the main activity of many wineries, personalized creative bottle Usb memorias get good feedback, experts recognized high-tech digital promotional gadgets, beer bottles Usb flash drives can not be loaded beer, but can be used as a mobile digital portable storage tool, the bottle surface can do printing company logo or floating engraving characters, Friends who love to drink wine do not miss this wine bottle Usb flash memory gifts, unplug the top half of the bottle can see Usb thumb drives plug. You can pre-store wine knowledge and wine catalog, play video production process of wine products, CaraUSB undertake various types of personalized Usb disc bottles, look forward to wine bottle U disk OEM gift orders. Free and to provide our customers with bottle Usb stick design visual effects, bottle Usb flash memory sticks quotes, bottle U disk sales details and other supply information, COB flash memory chip capacity free choice by the customer. After work, it is a favorite leisure activity for white-collar workers to drink some beer, so bring a beer bottle usb flash disc and show off. Whatsapp: +8615014148476 Wechat: may_yuan_china QQ: 1945727351
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