Zebra Crossing Crosswalk usb flash disk red Triangle Road safety signs

Zebra Crossing Crosswalk usb flash disk  red Triangle Road safety signs
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Red Zebra crossing usb disk 8GB
Zebra crossing is used in white paint on a road sign painted crosswalk lines; especially crosswalk, this is a red zebra crossing shape usb flash disk, appearance is triangular, on the head, attach a mini ball chain as key chain, a small kids walking across Zebra, and embossed logo, Crosswalk lines are for pedestrians crossing the street to go the security thread; zebra crosswalk line is, because it is shaped like a zebra pattern. Zebra Usb flash disk can help children, students understand the importance of zebra in Traffic Safety, Transport road safety knowledge, so that we obey the traffic rules, safe driving and crossed the street. may.yuan@carausb.com  carausb@aliyun.com
Crosswalk shape usb flash memory drive 16GB
How to customized a Zebra crossing usb disk, 11 grams, we CaraUSB has has full experience, choose red PVC eco friendly soft rubber as outer housing, embossed image and logo, triangle shape pendrive, red Zebra crossing design promotional gifts, it mainly to protect the role of pedestrians; having a priority right of passage for pedestrians walking on the zebra crossing, motor vehicles must give way to pedestrians; vehicle crossing the zebra crossing must slow down; zebra crossing is a convenient channel to provide specifically for the dense traffic, pedestrian safety by helping road.
Red Triangle zebra usb flash disk 1GB giveaways
Zebra crossing is generally composed of multiple parallel lines composed of solid white, like zebra lines, so called "zebra." Zebra role is to guide the pedestrians cross the road safely. Appeared in the early 1950s, the historical origins of the zebra crossing from the Roman era. Zebra crossing is an area of road painted with broad white stripes, where vehicles must stop if pedestrians wish to cross; a crosswalk.

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