Paul Homme Monkey Usb Flash Drives cartoon animal Silicon Lovely Big mouth Monkeys

Paul Homme Monkey Usb Flash Drives cartoon animal Silicon Lovely Big mouth Monkeys
  • Item: CustomUSB-000110
  • Dimensions:55*30*35mm
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  • Categories: PVC Custom Flash Memory

Monkey hip-hop flash disc pvc 3D dimensional cartoon monkeys soft usb drive
Monkey limited edition Usb disk, this animal Usb drive is a color cartoon monkey modeling, PVC mold, 3D three-dimensional modeling, lifelike monkey series of promotional gifts, to meet customer's favorite monkeys, cute rubber monkey Usb flash memory as children toys, adults use monkey Usb sticks to store documents and videos, pictures.
Private custom toy monkey Usb flash memory, MOQ is 100 units! Using a sufficient amount of the original chip! Using non-toxic environmentally friendly PVC material, three-dimensional cartoon characters, cute animal shaped Usb thumb drive, large capacity personality full of animal monkey gifts.
2016 is the Year of the Monkey, Chinese traditional animals year, Kingston in the annual Spring Festival, will launch a limited edition commemorative animals Usb flash disk , has become a conventional customs,  this year CaraUSB followed suit Kingston, introduction of new customization Monkey Limited Usb drive, PVC mold, custom color 3D cartoon monkey Usb pendrive, come into the hearts of consumers, let us take a look at this pure innocence works!

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