Nestle Coffee ice cream cup-shaped Usb disk custom cartoon milk container flashdrives

Nestle Coffee ice cream cup-shaped Usb disk custom cartoon milk container flashdrives
  • Item: CustomUSB-000124
  • Dimensions:55*30*35mm
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  • Categories: PVC Custom Flash Memory

nestle La Laitiere food design promotional usb drives giveaways 2GB
Usb disk market is now a lot of variety, colorful, different forms of flash memory, however, ice cream cones shape Usb drives, we certainly have not seen, this yellow soft PVC shell customizable ice cream cones Usb flash memory sticks, appearance is full temptation, designed to take advantage of the ice cream cones prototype, 3D three-dimensional shape, bright color, sweet chocolate, vivid appearance, it gives a realistic feeling. Popular Netle brands of soft icecream cup PVC material bespoke memory sticks, to protect the security of the data flash!
Nestle Corporate Custom ice cream cup shape usb flash disk gifts 4GB
Cartoon cream cup Usb disk,  teacup flashdrives, capacity: 1MB-64GB optional. Preload file write protection label set encryption copy protection function Usb pendrive partition USB boot feature to automatically play. The new simulation pvc soft ice cream cones tea cup gift Usb flash, shap looks like "ice cream" cups, mugs Usb sticks is a plug-in chip,  overall yellow pattern, pull-out also with ice cream cones Usb flash memory has a lanyard, the user easy to carry in Usb disk when not in use to avoid loss. This intimate human design, allows you to surprise everybody, Nestle coffee cup concept is cylindrical cup gift Usb pendrive.
Nestle ice cream cup concept bespoke usb flash drives
Great tasting desserts for everyone who loves the wholesome goodness of nature and a choice of lighter options. And the selection just keeps getting better, the La Laitiere brand.

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