Xi'an Musicians Association custom usb flash disk 16GB

Xi'an Musicians Association custom usb flash disk 16GB
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  • Dimensions:4.4x4.4x0.9cm
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Xi'An Musicians Association Gift Usb disk custom embossed logo 8GB storage capacity
This is a round PVC soft plastic custom push-pull Usb flash disk, embossed logo is the Xi'an musicians Association name, round Usb memory disk surface is the center of a musical instrument guqin shape, surrounded by seal, which is a push Specially designed music class Usb disk, given to any music festival or instrument player is a very good gift, choose the soil yellow and black with, very art, music is elegant art, so custom PVC software instrument Usb drive also meet the artist The preferences. Software material can create the violin Usb flash memory, you can also customize the guitar Usb disk, any instrument-related modeling, CaraUSB can design and mold production, so that all music lovers favor custom music association Usb thumb drive, push-pull round Usb Drives, built-in imported UDP flash memory chip, very thin volume, the chip hidden in the round Usb sticks internal, push-pull switch, very portable round gift Usb flash disc, the digital storage device has a variety of storage capacity 1GB, 2GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and so on.
Xi'an Music flash disk custom circular soft storage memory chip 8GB push-pull type
If I am a musician, I will certainly choose the most favorite music equipment as a creative idea, custom a special music Usb disc, shape can be musical instruments, can also be music and track symbols, and music-related memories, through a Usb stick all reflect the taste of musicians, to express the love of music, CaraUSB is to provide music inspired Usb pen drive production base, tell us your music awareness or enthusiasm, give us an idea, we do the rest of the things that let You get a perfect custom service experience.  www.carausb.com   Whatsapp:008615014148476  Skype: may_yuan_china  Email: may.yuan@carausb.com  carausb@aliyun.com

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