LiNing brand sneakers customized usb flash disk yellow sports shoes pendrive gift

LiNing brand sneakers customized usb flash disk yellow sports shoes pendrive gift
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  • Dimensions:53*32*5mm
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Lining brand sports shoes shape usb flash disk customized gifts 8GB for you to show Li Ning sports shoes, running shoes, basketball shoes, sportswear and other sports apparel, footwear, Chinese well-known sporting goods supplier, especially yellow light running shoes to win the favor of many young people and sports enthusiasts. Yellow basketball shoes Usb disk external shape of sneakers, and very creative, stylish compact; Lining shoes Usb flash disk new concept of 3D modeling, portable sports shoes design, advanced PVC mold process, manual processing shoes housing to meet the movement who needs a small gift, compact shape Brisk sneakers cater Lining branded mobile storage class gifts.
Lining customized sneakers usb sticks 4GB promotional giveaways
Lining sports shoes Usb disk specific size 65mm x 25mm x 25mm and weight is 32 grams, A pair of Lining sports "shoes" in the overall color is yellow color, embossed Lining logo under the shoes, we are very familiar with the Lining brand, adhering to the classic series of Lining sneakers style, size 65mm x 25mm x 25mm, weight 32g, material PVC soft rubber. CaraUSB can provide Lining sports shoes Usb drive production 8GB, We are a professional Usb sticks factory can provide all kinds of shoes flash disk customized gifts, Lining shoes style Usb drives have several good design, after removing the USB head, you can see the shoes heel and USB chips inside, designed a sneaker shoes with a metal key chain, It can be used as a decorative hanging on the backpack, specifically what style you need, please contact our online customer service.
Yellow sneakers usb flash drives sports shoes pendrive 16GB

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