Fingertip Gyro USB flash disk Fidget Spinner memory sticks

Fingertip Gyro  USB flash disk Fidget Spinner memory sticks
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  • Dimensions:78*37*15mm
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Fingertip gyro usb flash drives 8GB
Fingertip gyro shape Usb flash disk, yellow soft plastic open mold custom, fingertip gyro 2 are installed a Usb sticks, the middle is a rotating gyro, flexible rotation, fingertip gyro modeling toy Usb memory disk, is also a very Flexible objects, can be free to rotate 360 degrees, very popular with children, but also a decompression toys. Moving fingers Usb flash memory disk change fingertips gyro can also play with, but also to relax, the recent popular fingertips gyro, relieve stress, Fidget spinner. This 4-bearing symmetrical structure can be turned over in the fingers of the gadgets, it can be said from the beginning of the beginning of 2016 years slowly in North America popular. New creative gyro Usb flash drive products, play a variety of yellow soft plastic custom gyro usb memory sticks creative silicone disk can be customized Logo, wholesale price, please contact the CaraUSB sales team,   Whatsapp:008615014148476  Skype: may_yuan_china  Email:
Fingertip Gyro usb sticks 16GB Handspinner custom PVC yellow shape
Portable Usb flash disk finger gyro, the appearance of the characteristics into the fingertip gyro design and built-in Usb disk, Usb stiks finger gyro concept comes from a lot of people playing gyro, at the fingertips so turn, the pressure disappears, while gyro with Usb flash drive Function, to give gyro entertainment toys at the same time increase the practical storage function, but also to give Usb memory disk fresh play. Usb drive finger gyro left and right sides have a place to put flash memory chips, so that gyro to maintain balance, the customer's own choice is great, you can choose a single Usb stick, or two Usb flash disc, positioning use is dual capacity, different storage space. Push push button to push around, you can choose two U disk chip, or a Usb flash memory chip with a fake chip, no Usb thumb drive storage function, storage capacity from 1GB to 64GB, you can choose.

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