Diary Spring Branded custom yellow strip shape 8GB Usb flash drive embossed animal base logo name

Diary Spring Branded custom yellow strip shape 8GB Usb flash drive embossed animal base logo name
  • Item: CustomUSB-000184
  • Dimensions:6x3.2x0.4cm
  • E-mail: carausb@qq.com
  • Categories: PVC Custom Flash Memory

Dairy Spring logo customized promotioal usb flash disk 8GB
CaraUSB use diary spring logo to customize a yellow soft rubber usb flash drive, its size is 6x3.2x0.4cm, net weight is 12 grams, Yellow soft material, very bright color and diary spring usb drive, it is suitable for zoos and camping park logo, according to your brand name and marketing language, carving custom logo styel usb flash drives. Soft PVC material Usb flash disk customization provides a variety of changes, according to your logo size and design to achieve the requirements of custom gift Usb sticks Diary Spring is promotional gifts, customization for an animal base, so we chose a sheep's head as icon, while dotted a lot of small circles, an increase of gift Usb disk viewing and artistic, increasing customer favorite.
Dairy Spring brand usb sticks 16GB in yellow giveaways
Diary Spring looks like Domino,so you can say dominoes customized diary spring yellow usb flash drive, soft rubber made diary spring usb memory, very nice name brand promotional gifts, can bring more visiters, CaraUSB can customize many different shapes usb flash disk if you can provide gift ideas, let's help diary spring become true. Yellow strip shape flash disk, free plug, split, the front can emboss logo, logo can also be printed, shell color can be arbitrarily chosen, the chip storage capacity is free, according to your budget to customize all possible Usb disk Gift, send your questions to CaraUSB's sales team:  may.yuan@carausb.com  may.yuan.china@gmail.com  carausb@aliyun.com Skype: may_yuan_china
Dairy Spring personalized giveaways usb flash memory 4GB
Dairy Spring is a comfortable campground tucked away in a scenic area of northern Arizona.  Hiking, biking, horseback riding and so on. Dairy Spring campground are scattered through cool groves of ponderosa pines and white firs. Recreational interest here usually centers around fishing in nearby Mormon Lake (when there is water in it), but even if you don't fish there are plenty of things to do in this picturesque area. Its main attraction is the seasonal Mormon Lake which, when filled with water, draws visitors for fishing, windsurfing and wildlife watching.

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