Retro whistle curl streamline reel Usb disk metal whistles gifts 8GB flash drive

Retro whistle curl streamline reel Usb disk metal whistles gifts 8GB flash drive
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  • Dimensions:4.6x2.1x0.4cm
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Curl whistle shape metal mini-axis Usb disk 8GB
Curly whistle metal Usb flash disk, which is the carasub brand new product, because it is a mini shell, retro whistle shape, very smooth curved shape, suitable for gifts, imitation of the ancient book scroll design, smooth curve, very comfortable feel, Mini metal whistle curl streamlined Usb flash drive, but also metal mini Usb memory disk products inside the most eye-catching new products, we have taken the concept of simple fashion, portable digital storage, UDP style ultra-thin mini-new, new storage capacity can be freely selected: 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and so on.
Metal whistle curl axis custom Usb flash disk mini whistles gifts Usb drives
Curved streamline curl Usb flash disk metal book reel appearance, the shell is made of zinc alloy, you can plating any color, oxidation or sandblasting, advanced metal metal processing technology, carausb custom your gift Usb drives, not only from the shape of your logo , At the same time from the color and chip capacity and other details reflect your advertising content, so that your brand image highlights, get more potential customers love.  008615014148476
Retro Whistle Curl Axis Metal Usb sticks 16GB Bend Reel
Retro whistle Usb memory drive reminds you of childhood toys, whistle curl streamline appearance so that the whistle Usb memory sticks into a digital high-tech stuff, we bulk custom shell color and chip capacity, laser logo, color printing and silk screen advertising slogan, Website and phone number and company name, so that whistle Usb drive into the user's toys and office assistant, to enhance your advertising audience coverage, metal mini whistle scroll reel Usb flash disk is the best way.

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