Leather whistle metal climbing buckle Usb memory disk mini portable digital storage

Leather whistle metal climbing buckle Usb memory disk mini portable digital storage
  • Item: metal-000170
  • Dimensions:6x1.2x0.4cm
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  • Categories: Metal USB Disk

Leather whistle shape metal Usb disk 16GB can embossed logo
Portable mountaineering buckle Usb flash disk covered with a thin layer of leather, so this is a new digital storage device, whistle Usb disk is an indispensable outdoor travel equipment, because it can store your beautiful photos taken, has shared video information , The cuffy whistle shape, streamlined metal buckle Usb pendrive, because it's USB2.0 interface is in-line, do not need a hat to protect the chip, the chip is UDP type of high-speed waterproof flash memory chip, the entire product body is metal metal, Of the zinc alloy structure, mountaineering buckle Usb memory disk, whistle Usb flash drive can be screen printing, high-definition digital color printing or laser engraving corporate logo and advertising information, CaraUSB also provide data burning and pre-stored services, chip storage capacity is based on your budget to choose, capacity range includes 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and so on. Metal whistle Usb memory drive covers by a colorful cortex, cortical colors are red, brown, white, blue, black, etc., zinc alloy climbing buckle modeling combined with the Usb flash memory storage function, so that the purse of the whistle Usb sticks range, outdoor enthusiasts favorite Use the whistle to contact, then carry this mountaineering whistle Usb pendrive, you can easily hang on the backpack and lanyard. Because this Usb thumb drive has a large keyhole, easy to carry and hang, it is a good corporate gift selection, in addition to chip storage capacity and print marketing slogan, easy to show corporate image logo and expand brand exposure. This usb disc size is 6x1.2x0.4cm, net weight is 15 grams. www.carausb.com  may.yuan@carausb.com   carausb@aliyun.com   Skype: may_yuan_china   Mobile: 0086 15014148476
New whistle cortical metal climbing buckle Usb flash disk 8GB

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