Samsung bar usb 3.0 whistle shape metal mini usb flash dirves 8GB 16GB

Samsung bar usb 3.0 whistle shape metal mini usb flash dirves 8GB 16GB
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  • Dimensions:40x11x12.3mm
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Samsung bar usb flash drive usb3.0 metal mini storage 16GB
Samsung in the memory card, mobile phone OTG USB disk and hard disk is products, it is a world-renowned supplier, here is Samsung's new mini-easy to carry USB3.0 metal whistle Usb memory disk, we called as Bar Samsung Usb flash disk, very popular New products, due to its simple design, with a super texture of the metal brushed smooth shell, and a protective digital storage products.
Samsung bar usb 3.0 metal silver usb memory disk 16GB
Stylish large key ring appearance with digital storage function combined with mini metal Samsung USB 3.0 Bar flash drive with metal case. The streamlined fuselage is ergonomic designed to allow you to use the more easily, Samsung product performance and reliability, escort your important data. Samsung USB flash disc will streamline the metal shell design elegant atmosphere, in line with the current business aesthetic, practical large key ring hole to prevent loss. This USB flash memory uses NAND flash memory technology, a new generation of USB 3.0 flash drives, to achieve rapid data transfer, and backward compatible with USB2.0.
Samsung metal bar usb3.0 flash memory 32GB in silver
Samsung this USB3.0 high-speed U disk has 16GB / 32GB / 64GB three different specifications of the capacity to meet the storage needs of most people. Silver surface, it is popular gold, Samsung Usb memory disk Bar style quite business model, compatible with USB2.0 interface, transmission speed of 130MB / s, Samsung Usb flash memory Bar with five major protection technology, that is waterproof, shock, Anti-extreme temperature and anti-X-ray, the performance is very comprehensive. Can store 16 million pixel JPEG format photos 6540, 174 minutes 1080p full HD video or 218 hours of MP3 songs, in line with the growing storage needs. Compatibility, support for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000 system, almost all the market on the Windows system, in addition, also supports Mac OS 10.4 and later, Linux 2.4 and more High version, etc., compatibility is very strong. As a all-metal Usb drive, Samsung memory dive Bar work solid, it is streamlined appearance modeled ergonomic design, take pinch comfortable. Comes with a round key hole, appearance and performance are quite competitive USB3.0 products, Samsung USB3.0 flash disk Bar is a high-speed portable Usb memory disk.

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