Metal coin push-thin Usb flash disk Captain America shield shape 16GB

Metal coin push-thin Usb flash disk Captain America shield shape 16GB
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  • Dimensions:46x18x18mm
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  • Categories: Metal USB Disk

Captain America Shield push-thin metal Usb disk gifts 8GB
Thin spin storm struck, the push-pull fashion circle coin mini Usb disk gifts, slim phone, tablet, ultra-thin, ultra-thin TV, ultra-thin Usb flash disk has become the trend of fashion design, test case design standard Usb sticks industry. Recently, CaraUSB introduced a thin metal plate Usb drive coins, the thickness of only 4mm, the size of a coin, the whole body is only the size of the fingers, super pocket; weighs only 10g, challenges the concept of ultra-thin fashion, has become one gift coins Usb flash drives market new favorite!
Red circle coin sliding Usb sticks 4GB ultra-thin metal shell
Slim Mini Usb flash disk, a coin shape, metal push-button, highly portable digital memory metal mini coin-shaped appearance, it is a small circle where the characteristics of the Usb sticks, it is a perfect circle shape, pure metal, sliding button , the shape of ancient coins usb drive to print color as the background color, and then attach the red symbol pattern, red and silver, with the classic highlights a strong visual impact, a very cool fashion sense. The usb pen drive whole body size of 46 mm × 46mm × 18mm, USB port at the use of hidden push-pull design, both integrated with the overall design of the fuselage, can fully protect the port from external damage. Fuselage red circle pattern, design a lanyard hole, with user-friendly lanyard to hang on a keychain, mobile phone chain, even when the ornaments hung on the chest, pocket ultra-thin, light without substance, very light and easy to carry.
Circle coin push-pull Usb drive shell large capacity thin UDP Shape 32GB

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