3.0 flash chips gold bullion shaped usb flash memory laser engrave logo

3.0 flash chips gold bullion shaped usb flash memory laser engrave logo
  • Item: Metal-000102
  • Dimensions:5.3x2x0.3cm
  • E-mail: carausb@aliyun.com
  • Categories: Metal USB Disk

Gold Investment customized gold bullion usb flash drive promotional gifts
Securities customized gold bullion shape usb flash disk, as VIP customers promotional gifts, laser engraving securities company logo, as well as the investment term. This is a push-pull style bars Usb disk, the choice of a 3.0-chip, high-speed read and write, stable quality, long life, very luxurious high-end business gifts.
securities company customized gold bullion usb flash disk promotional gifts
Sparkling gold bars usb pendrive, a symbol of wealth, but also symbolizes wealth and good fortune in the New Year or Christmas, custom gold colored gift Usb flash disk, combined with more blessings and good luck. Bullion flash memory, push the button hidden in the bottom, more flexible use of thin gold bars Usb sticks, so that the volume of the entire product compact.
Bank gift customized gold bullion usb flash memory promotional items
If you like gold jewelry, or love gold gifts, then customized a push-pull bullion Usb flash memory, it is a very bold idea, laser engraving or screen printing Logo brand name, give the customer your golden blessing, to bring the best New Year sincere wishes.
customized 3.0 chips gold bullion usb flash memory pull-push style
A standard weight of gold bullion was 116.64 grams (equivalent to 3.746 oz). Bullion weight is no uniform requirement, exchange or circulation in the gold market, standard gold bullion standard weight specifications were 10 g, 30 g, 50 g.. Bullion from the ancient currency in circulation, more applied to the collection and investment fields, the world's major banks and financial institutions have their own signature reserves and circulation of gold bars, such as the Shanghai Gold Exchange, gold bullion standard. Similar to gold bullion, divided into special collections of commemorative gold bars and general system of investment in gold bullion. Special commemorative gold bars are generally higher than for the same will release its gold value higher than the price of raw materials.

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