Black aluminum alloy book shape metal push-pull Usb flash drive stationery promotional gifts

Black aluminum alloy book shape metal push-pull Usb flash drive stationery promotional gifts
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  • Dimensions:58x10.3 x18mm
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Black aluminum shell push pull Book Modeling Usb disk capacity 8GB
This is a book shape metal sliding usb flash disk, black outer housing, total size is 58x10.3 x18mm, net weight is 6 grams. Alumina material, the formation of the surface can be printed corporate logo, but also to laser engraving patterns and advertising copy. The biggest advantage is that it is small and easy to carry, storage capacity, cheap, small size, very light weight, only 6 grams, particularly suitable for portable, we are the best choice for small and medium-sized portable Usb flash disk, You can hang it in the chest, hanging in the keychain, or even into the wallet. Because it has a hole at right angles.
Mini Book Magazine push pull Usb flash disk metal shell black 16GB
Push and pull the book black metal Usb drive, it is a pure metal shell, the front of the plate can be printed on any pattern. Very suitable for laser engraving logo. UV Oil printing is also possible, this is a very classic education gift, it looks like a mini book, are suitable for teachers and students. Folder Book push and pull sliding black Aluminum Alloy books Usb flash disk, small volume, light weight, only 6 grams, especially suitable for carrying on, we can put it in the chest, hanging on the key string, even put it in your wallet. Because it has a small hole at the right angle.
4GB Black Book Metal Usb disk sliding button design
Push pull U disk Book advertising gifts, because the CaraUSB custom black metal shell Aluminum Alloy push pull books Usb flash drive, it is for the school opening celebration gifts, the surface can be laser marking and welcome words, pushable usb drive books shape, can also be printed silk school name and student number and name mini metal, fashion books metal push-pull Usb sticks, is the best celebration souvenirs, exquisite bookstore VIP customers can also for gifts, fashion magazines and magazine advertising, kiosk and post office black custom metal magazine books push pull Usb flash memory disk, because the side of the book Usb memory disk to install a push and pull button, the simulation learning tools, creative and cheap giveaways.

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