Metal round full color print epoxy logo push-pull Usb flash disk

Metal round full color print epoxy logo push-pull Usb flash disk
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  • Dimensions:45X45X8mm
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pushable Metal round epoxy logo flash drive 1GB 2GB
This is a circular metal push-pull push-pull Usb disk customized for the China TV variety show logo. It is a personalized promotional souvenir specially customized for TV variety shows. It adopts a circular color printing logo with epoxy glue. The product size is 45X45X8mm, net weight is 26 grams. The round plastic part surface can be customized with personalized logo patterns. The large circular area is suitable for displaying large-area advertisings. The metal housing with push-pull switches not only attracts the attention of the audience, but also can display the image of the television station, whether it is a press conference, or a new product. Display, variety show launch, product brand promotion and other occasions, metal push-pull round color printing Epoxy Usb flash disk can let you stand out from the mass brand.
Push-pull metal circular epoxy USB flash memory sticks 4GB
Circular metal push-pull printing Epoxy logo custom U disk, can be hung on the key ring or lanyard, as a small carry pendant, very stylish and easy to carry. Circular plastic push-pull metal Usb flash disk storage capacity 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB and so on. Made by Shenzhen U-disk factory CaraUSB, This model circular epoxy logo push-pull metal Usb disc is made of metal zinc alloy, has a good hardness, the surface of transparent crystal glue drops Logo, round transparent crystal glue logo let this Usb flash disc looks more beautiful, and the color logo is covered by transparent crystal glue. Logo is even clearer. Circular metal appearance and push-pull switch design on the back, while a key hole can be hanging straps / keys, etc., to carry more convenient, circular epoxy logo Usb flash memory disk metal push-pull USB flash drives gift strong practicality, personality fashion, CaraUSB strongly recommended Customers buy it. Circular Epoxy push-pull metal Usb thumb drives can be used to make promotional gifts according to your color preferences and logo design. Quickly customize your personal USB flash for your company and follow your aesthetic style. Tags: Epoxy Usb pen drives, round Usb disc, push-pull Usb stick, color printing logo Epoxy flash disc, apply: promotional gifts, souvenir gifts, brand Usb memory disk, corporate gifts.
American movie custom Round metal Epoxy U disk 8GB promo gift
Exclusive style custom circular Epoxy logo color metal push-pull Usb flash disk. The most important feature is the surface of a sticky color epoxy crystal logo, circular Epoxy USB flash drives body with a metal shell, looks round and lovely, a variety of colors logo Can be made into epoxy. The transparent crystal Epoxy Logo has a shiny and shiny surface. Very suitable for modern business gift promotions, corporate promotional gifts, allowing customers to remember the ad words forever! The colors of the logo of the Epoxy Usb flash memory disk are saturated and colorful, which surpasses the traditional printing effect. In addition to increasing the surface decoration effect, the color printing Epoxy Usb thumb drives brings customers a very luxurious and upscale feeling. The gift company broadens brand promotion and conducts business activities. Gift selection. Crystal Epoxy is a transparent epoxy material. With low viscosity and high transparency. Whatsapp: +8615014148476 Wechat: may_yuan_china QQ: 1945727351

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