OTG metalic usb flash drive Apple On-the-go mobile Phone Memory Disk 16GB

OTG metalic usb flash drive Apple On-the-go mobile Phone Memory Disk 16GB
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otg metal mobile phone usb flash disk 8GB
Mini metal otg phone memory sticks, smart mobile phone flash usb for all Android cell phones,  Phone Usb disk, the full name of the smartphone USB flash drive, the English name "smart phone USB flash disk". It is a physical drive without using the USB interface of miniature high-capacity mobile storage products, through the USB interface with a computer or smart phone is connected, plug and play. Known as a smart phone Usb disk.  may.yuan@carausb.com
Otg style Usb Flash Drive 16GB mobile phone Usb Stick
1, under the premise phone supports OTG function, can be used two ways to connect the phone Usb pendrive, the most traditional way is to make use OTG data line, and the phone is connected with the Usb disk 2, buy mobile phones, computers dual-use U disk on the market today have a lot of phone / computer dual U disk, this USB flash memory interface on both sides, one side is a large common USB standard interfaces. carausb@aliyun.com   may.yuan@carausb.com
Promotional gift mini metalic micro OTG usb drive
In large-scale offensive free network disk, Usb flash disk market shrinking rapidly, some manufacturers began to change product concept, such as can be in-line phone, tablet, greater use of the stud Usb memory sticks. How to use mobile phones, mobile phone instant expansion, OTG is On-The-Go Abbreviation, mainly used in different devices or coupling between the various mobile devices to exchange data. Nowadays, an increasing number of phones equipped with OTG function.  carausb@aliyun.com
OTG USB Disk Android Mobile metal flashdrives
Since IPHONE launch more and more mobile in pursuit of the ultimate thin and light, and can be removed to replace the battery and expand storage capacity design. Andrews mobile computer dual u disk USB OTG u disk creative gifts mobile phone u disk creative u disk customized smartphone U disk U disk custom-headed. Dual-Role USB Storage Device 16GB, this is a small OTG style usb disk for mobile phoes, has double headed, one for micro, one for usb, best data storage device and digital gifts for Android phone users, expand cell phone storage capacity.  may.yuan@carausb.com   carausb@aliyun.com

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