Silver-zinc alloy ultra-thin 6.9 cm length bookmark USB flash as newspaper magazine promo gift

Silver-zinc alloy ultra-thin 6.9 cm length bookmark USB flash as newspaper magazine promo gift
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Metallic ultra-thin bookmark USB flash drives promotional gifts 8GB
This slim metal strip in-line USB flash drive is very popular with foreigners. With a simple element of zinc alloy bookmark U-disk, ultra-thin bookmark design with reference to the trend of modern portable digital, the overall structure of the integration looks very smooth. The current ultra-thin metal bookmark USB flash disk is very popular with gift traders. In particular, auto manufacturers like simple and generous full-capacity custom gift U disk, flash memory disk storage function and bookmark function, beautiful appearance and storage data, but also benefit from Zinc alloy metal ultra-thin shell, suitable for laser engraving logo or printing brand name, often referred to by the car manufacturer as a long thin metal ultra-thin bookmark Usb disc, when customers look at the car product catalog or car magazine or subscribe to apply The Usb sticks is used as a bookmark, and the top of the bookmark Usb flash memory has a small round hole for suspending a lanyard or a Chinese knot or key ring, which is easy to carry.
Zinc alloy silver thin bookmark metal USB disk printing car name logo
The online bookstore retailer's favorite custom bookmark gift is this ultra-thin zinc alloy bookmark Usb disk, ultra-thin zinc alloy material is a very durable shell, long straight insert type metal bookmark USB memory disk using zinc alloy material, after grinding, polishing, Plating, and many other complex processes. Make this Usb flash disc gift has a smooth feel, stylish atmosphere. Customize the exclusive style of metal ultra-thin bookmark U-disk, you can according to your favorite shell appearance and metal material, engraved logo and pre-stored product catalog to better show marketing advertising and brand promotion, especially easy to highlight personality charm business gifts. Whatsapp: +8615014148476 
Red bookmark metal thin 16GB zinc Usb flash disc custom library logo
Ultra-thin metal bookmark Usb memory disk is a very classic style in the ultra-thin Usb flash disk series, CaraUSB has been released for some time, read and write speed is very stable, and other plastic material bookmark U-disk in the design has a great Different, outstanding practical considerations, in addition to Usb pen drives can be used, it can also be used as a bookmark when reading, the entire Usb disc is rectangular, very long and not wide, is easy to carry series, square head square hole design, stay There is a small key hole for the reader to carry. 
Long slim strips metal thin bookmark USB stick attach a square hole
The most personalized bookmark U disk embodies strong business. In general, the flash disk usage cycle is from five years to ten years. The quality of the custom bookmark USB flash drives gift is very secure. Various storage memory capacities specifications can be customized according to the customer's requirements: 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB. Red bookmark metal ultra-thin usb flash memory disk outer shell material is made of zinc alloy, small size and light weight, ultra-thin style will use UDP original version flash memory chips, so it has a waterproof function, the outer shells color can customize, in addition to silver, If need other colors, as long as the order quantity of each color reaches 2000 pieces, according to the customer's Pantone color number or PMS are required. Wechat: may_yuan_china  QQ: 1945727351

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