Color metal mini bank gift usb flash disk silk screen print name logo custom 8GB

Color metal mini bank gift usb flash disk silk screen print name logo custom 8GB
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  • Dimensions:39x12.35x4.5mm
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Bank gift Usb memory drive color metal digital storage gadgets
Linc Bank custom color metal mini Usb flash disk 8GB as a depositor gift, it is suitable for Linc Bank customer's Usb memory disk giveaways, 8GB and print Linc Bank's name, A bank Built around you. This is a mini metal color shell Usb pen drive, the most lightweight digital storage devices, flash memory chip storage capacity of 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, Usb disk size is like a finger, so called the bank gold finger Usb memory drives, metal shell can spray a variety of colors, silk screen print logo or laser engraving bank logo address and phone number, the best small high-tech gifts. SE9 USB flash memory is Kingston series of the most famous new things, because it is smaller, only 39x12.35x4.5mm, and then the net weight of 5 grams, very suitable for carrying, into the wallet or pocket, do not take up space, let you carry If you like the small metal plug-in Usb sticks, then carausb can help you customize the color of SE9 serial usb pen drive, even its large capacity Usb memory storage range: 32GB and 64GB or 128GB, stored documents or burn can not delete the data , Automatic pop-up URL web site address and other digital services.
Metal mini color Usb flash memory 8GB print Linc bank name custom gifts
Linc Bank custom color small metal U disk giftings, which is a full of personality thin Usb thumb drives, specifically by the CaraUSB factory custom 8GB storage capacity, colorful metal small Usb flash disc, slim shape, it is very similar to as a finger shape, also made of metal material. As a bank characteristics of ultra-thin Usb flash drive, it is a fashion business people ideal custom giveaways. Color metal plug-in Usb disk metal surface can be customized charactors letters, whether it is a bank press conference, or new financial products display, or advertising promotions, branding and other occasions, 8GB color metal SE09 Kingston brand usb memory disk can make your business Image more deeply rooted.    Whatsapp: +8615014148476  Email:  Skype / Wechat: may_yuan_china  QQ:1945727351

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