USB3.0 32GB DataTraveler SE9 Round Head Ultra-thin metal Usb disk mini

USB3.0 32GB DataTraveler SE9 Round Head Ultra-thin metal Usb disk mini
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  • Dimensions:43.3x12.3x4.6mm
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White Chromium round head Split style Kingston DataTraveler  SE9 metal  USB3.0 flash Disk
Round head ultra-thin metal Kingston DataTraveler Split SE9 comes with USB2.0 or USB3.0 type chip, the detailed size is 43.3x12.3x4.6mm, net weight is 8 grams, the white metal is the use of stylish metal shell design, And with a large ring hole, easy to carry. Round metal material is white chrome, rectangular metal is pearl nickel, two different colors of metal, so that round Usb disk Kingston DataTraveler SE9 has a split new appearance, very attention mini metal Usb memory sticks category, you can print logo or 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, etc., customize your favorite chip capacity and logo printing method, the smallest from the laser storage company name, very small high-end advertising carrier, digital data storage, chip storage capacity range The order is 100 pieces. Kingston DTSE9 USB Disk shell, it is divided into two different shapes, we launched the product is an upgraded version, which contains two different metal materials, white chrome and pearl nickel, carausb also provides Usb drive packaging box, Usb sticks And packaging box can print logo, so that any consumer can be very intuitive and fully understand the Usb meory drive and advertising information. SE9 Kingston brand pendrive with a cap-free design, in-line, do not worry about the loss of protective cap, very personalized ultra-thin Usb thumb drive as a promotional gift is the best.
Pearl nickel split Kingston DataTraveler new SE9 USB3.0 memory drive
U disk market is now more popular digital storage small equipment. To meet the needs of modern business office and entertainment data storage, but also derived from the customization of advertising gifts, carausb to more thin, more portable features tailored specifically for the ultra-thin metal SE9 series split round new portable digital storage products 32GB Usb memory Disk, which, as a special mobile storage product, with Kingston Data Traveler SE9 flash drive of the ultimate minimalist design style, merged with the concept of digital mobile storage and sharing, while printing or carving each company logo, so that your potential customer groups Love the corporate logo custom gift Usb flash disk.  Skype: may_yuan_china  Whatsapp: 008615014148476

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