Liquor promotional gifts blue metallic cylindrical bottle shape Usb disk can laser logo

Liquor promotional gifts blue metallic cylindrical bottle shape Usb disk can laser logo
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Blue metal bottle shape Usb disk promotional gifts
A variety shapes of bottle  gifts, the most popular is bottle Usb 2.0 flash disk, metal cylinder bottle shape Usb sticks, sky blue shell, aluminum oxide shell can customize your favorite color, matte feel, have best qualitative feeling, meet customer of color metal Usb flashdrives special items, metal bottle Usb drives can display clients advertising, gift bottle Usb flash memory metal cylinder, the surface can be laser logo, and is especially suitable for wine promotion, because the bottle Usb pendrive looks very close to the bottle and can also be used for the promotion of drinks, carbonated beverage bottle or kettle campaign Usb flash disc, we help you to customize to achieve the purpose of advertising.
Bottle shape customized gifts Usb sticks blue metallic surface
Usb disk structure of the cylinder is two parts, the bottle usb storage device is divided into two parts, gently twist the bottle, when it is opened, exposing the USB head, bottle Usb flash memory sticks head has a hole that can be used interspersed key chain or small lanyard, hang in the backpack, water bottle or bicycle, key rings, very cool decoration digital gifts.
Matte aluminum metal bottle usb pendrive
Bottle Usb 2.0 flash disk surface is very smooth, can screen printing monochrome logo, laser engraving any information to meet custom services, usually suitable for alcohol sales, wholesale beverages, pharmaceutical industry, as well as kettle manufacturers promotional activities , Usb flashdrives and its slogan enhance your brand image, so that more potential customers know the advertising effect of your selling products, U disk up to 10 years, very cost-effective advertising gifts.
blue metalic bottle shape usb sticks gifts

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