Metal creative USB flash disk wholesale high-speed bullet train simulation customized gifts pendrive

Metal creative USB flash disk wholesale high-speed bullet train simulation customized gifts pendrive
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Metal bullet private mode creative personality USB disk fashion fun mini car toy EMU train head Flash drive can be customized giftBullet train usb flash disk usb2.0 metal gifts factory wholesale creative logo can be customized
High-speed trains are one of the important aluminum alloy material, weight loss speed fully enclosed to reduce noise, the train runs 300 km. Maglev idea by German engineer Hermann Kemper proposed in 1922. For tourists who travel by train, the Maglev bullet train is an ideal choice. 2005 started running Shinkansen train Fastech 360S want to set a world's fastest bullet train Shinkansen record. Japan Tokyo train station, the new bullet train "Hayabusa" was held after the launching ceremony, under the limelight pulled out of the station.
metal USB disk factory direct sale new style bullet locomotive shaped flash memory gift
Mini shape of the high-speed passenger trains simulation version usb pendrive, InterCityExpress customized metal train shaped usb flash drive, Full Metal Jacket, very rugged and stylish flash drive, is the best gift to send passengers flash memory. CaraUSB supplying for trains and high-speed rail sector workers this most innovative customized private mode usb flash disk, the shape of the locomotive very close to bullet. Custom mold metal car Usb disk is very special, relatively heavy weight, but very durable and comes with a large metal key ring, the perfect gift set, flash disk chip brand is Sandisk or Intel, ensure the life of USB Sticks up to five years or 10 years.
Personalized custom creative cartoon train 8GBU disk USB bullet train
The railway sector, the train manufacturer, or passengers, vehicles like diiferent gift, then the high-speed bullet train, or maglev train cars are good shape, we are in full compliance with the customer's thoughts and ideas to customize your own exclusive Usb disk advertising gifts.
Manufacturers custom metal bullet locomotive usb sticks full capacity
The introduction of high-speed rail high-speed bullet train, Harmony train, the so-called "EMU." Begins with the letter is D, the fare expensive, twice as fast. "Bullet" train from the 8 per car, including "bullet" cab six carriages and both ends. There is a blue car waist "belt." In addition, the "bullet" like the two ends of each column as open mouth, revealing a black interface, so that the two groups are connected in order to facilitate the beginning and end of the train. If the "mouth" shut the whole train to become a complete "bullet." Bullet train, also known as high-speed trains. In Chinese it is called EMU or high-speed rail. It is known for its speed too fast. China, Japan, France, Germany, the level of the high-speed train technology is today the world's top four countries. French high-speed train known as TGV (TrainaGrandeVitesse French high speed trains intended). French National Railways (SNCF) from 1950 to carry out high-speed train technology research, in 1955 developed the prototype test, it created a then world record - 331 kilometers per hour train schedules, so that people see the development prospects of this technology.

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